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Sixto 24th June 2020 08:06 PM

Woofer choice for WHW configuration
July 9, 2020: This thread is evolving from selecting a Woofer for my WHW DIY project (selection is now closed - I've ordered four Peerless/Vifa/Tymphany NE315w-04's - they should be here by End of July, early August 2020.

The next phase will be to build and test the optimal enclosure for the woofers, since calculations show that a small 48L / 1.8 cu.ft enclosure is all that is needed for a sealed cabinet with F3 near 45 hz.
The quality I'm missing from my current speakers is that visceral thump from the kick-drum or fast Low Frequency transients (between 50 and 150 hz). I'm hoping these drivers can deliver that, so I will be paying attention to the enclosure to minimize vibration via damping and CLD techniques. I am also following several threads on cabinet construction to understand those concepts a bit better.

June 29th, 2020: See posts #38 and #54 for Sealed/Vented Box alignments and FR performance comparisons My current bias is to go sealed, due to the cabinet size requirements.

June 24th 2020: I'm looking for 12" woofer recommendations in the $100 to $250 range (each) I'm evaluating these options: (I'll be using 2 per cabinet)

1) SB Acoustics SB34NRX75-6 12" Woofer
2) Peerless SLS 830669 - 12" Woofer - Coated Paper Cone
3) Peavey pro 12
4) Dayton Audio RSS315HF-4 12" Reference HF Subwoofer 4 Ohm
5) Eclipse, W1238R 12" woofer
6) Peerless by Tymphany NE315W-04 12" Paper Cone NE Woofer 4 Ohm
7) Goldwood GW-12PC-8 12" Heavy Duty Woofer 8 Ohm

I'll be building a WHW with the Horn in the center similar to The Raptor ... a 10" MTM. One difference is that I would probably turn the horn vertical so that the horizontal dispersion angle is 40d and vertical dispersion is 60d, and I'd like to go with 12" woofers to get more slam and low end extension. (not sure about sealed or vented yet)

I recently received two 18 Sound XT1464 horns antwo SB65WBAC25s full range drivers (similar what was used here: A Bookshelf Multi-Way Point-Source Horn but I have room for a larger box. I think I'll use MiniDSP 4x10HD as a crossover, eq, and phase correction.

My Living Room is 13' wide, 24' deep and 9' tall. I'm usually sitting about 12' from the speakers which are toed-in near the corners of one end of the room. I currently have 2 B&W 640i as the mains, which are probably bouncing sound off the walls, roof and floor like crazy. (though I use the receiver's Audyssey Curve Editor to get a flat FR at the listening position - confirmed by REW).

Thanks - Six - Minneapolis.

oldspkrguy 25th June 2020 02:33 PM

I have the SB29NRX75-6 which is the smaller sibling to the mention. It has plenty of punch and slam but the upper bass is not as refined as I would like. I am getting used to them though and will not trade up as I had originally considered. I am crossing to a Satori MR16P-4 AND MA Pluvia 7PHD BOTH at 300 Hz. These give me very good upper bass articulation and definition, etc. What X/O are you considering above the SB 34's? Also, would you wire these in parallel? I'm not sure how low the impedance would dip; could your amp handle 3 Ohms or lower? Perhaps there are some third party testing and evaluations that have a more precise impedance plot.??

Sixto 25th June 2020 03:19 PM

Thanks! Upper bass/Lower mids are important from the woofers, since I'm hoping to match Bushmeister's build with a 650hz Harsch active crossover via MiniDSP. I will have 2 separate amps feeding 250 amps to each woofer and smaller amps for the tweeter/horn combo. They should all have no problem with low impedance loads at the volumes I play (80-85 db)


oldspkrguy 25th June 2020 03:46 PM

I used a Peerless 10 inch poly cone many years ago from their CC line. I did a 3-way tower with dual 10 in and dual 4 in and a Ti tweeter; X/O about 600 Hz and 6 KHz. These Peerless had very good upper bass but also hit very low and hard when the recording called for it. I have never heard the above Peerless model you have listed so take this as a grain of salt; can't really do a fair comparison here; just sharing past experiences

Sixto 25th June 2020 03:59 PM

Hard to beat Peerless' prices, i could order 2 for testing for the price of 1 SB.

oldspkrguy 25th June 2020 04:12 PM

yep! The SB will take tons more power though for sure! If you don't need tons of power; maybe the Peerless would be a very good place to start...wallet friendly too! ha ha ...BUT, to be safe; if you do a vented box with low tuning like I often do; the SB would probably do a much better job. Not just in power but compare the X max; the SB is 22 mm p-p LINEAR where as the Peerless is only 8.3 mm p-p linear. I have my SB29... in a closed box; I am getting an in-room f3 about 37 Hz (NO EQ or bass boost; honest, deep, clean bass)! I chose the SB mostly because of the very low fs AND large X max.

Sixto 25th June 2020 04:50 PM

Just added the Peavey Pro 12 as another option, it is priced like the Peerless and handles more power than the SB. I've read that a large x-max gives low frequency extension, but at the expense of higher distortion?

oldspkrguy 25th June 2020 05:10 PM

Do you listen to large pipe organs like I do? I have a separate sub-woofer that is fairly flat in-room WITH the plate amp EQ, boost, etc. and goes all the way down to 14 Hz! Bass THIS deep requires a lot of X max and power both as a general rule (ESPECIALLY in a smaller, closed box). Having a larger x max does not immediately equate to more distortion but some woofers with lower fs, larger x-max, etc. are typically much less sensitive and usually have heavier cones so they can hold up to deeper, stronger bass. Maybe what you have read is referring to IM distortion? Strong, low frequency bass moves the woofer quite a bit but if it is also trying to do upper frequencies at the same time; the signals are "modulated"; too much of this makes the bass sound muddy or "grungy". Do you think this is what you read? A woofer that doesn't move as much air will have less of this IF it is not being pushed beyond it's normal, linear limits; but it won't do loud, deep bass all else being equal. Is this what you were thinking? Long answer....Short answer...How low do you want to go and loud do you want it to be???

Pro drivers are usually much more sensitive and can handle a lot more power but their fs is usually always MUCH higher than a woofer designed for HiFi home use. Lots of choices and lots of options for sure.

oldspkrguy 25th June 2020 06:01 PM

Eclipse, W1238R - Meniscus Audio

Another possible candidate?

I think these were made by Eminence; they are supposed to be pretty good for the money; I have no experience with them at all. Call Meniscus; talk to Mark, ask him what he thinks. I think they have probably sold quite a few of these over many years?

Sixto 25th June 2020 06:35 PM

I listen to a wide range of music, some pipe organ but most of the music I listen to is not super bass heavy... jazz, classical strings, most of the LF stuff I have is Pop music. I could always add 1 or 2 Subs to go below 35hz but I think I would prefer a 12" driver that can go flat between 60 and 700 hz. (With digital PEQ via MiniDSP). The Meniscus driver is interesting... I'll try to find an FR graph for it.

Thanks! Six.

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