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AKSA 23rd March 2020 12:50 AM

Life in the time of the Virus
It seems now most of Europe, US, Australia and Asia is now in the grip of the most infectious virus the world has seen since the 1918 Spanish Flu.
All non-essential businesses, and even Schools and Universities, are about to shut down in Victoria, if not most of Australia. This will have a profound effect on small businesses, family life, and particularly on social life for all of us. :eek:

With a number of underlying health issues, my wife and I are in the zone and need to be very careful. No parties, no personal contact with friends and family, and minimised association with other people in any situation.

This is a moment in our lives where we need to remain calm and learn to spend our time in solitude, hopefully doing something useful like reading a terrific book, learning something of the world in a documentary, enjoy music, or - dare I say it - build something of beauty like an Aspen Amplifier!!

In the last eight years since my AAA nearly took me out, I have produced one after another of new designs. We have the latest version of the Maya, the SAKSA, the open source ALPHA and ALPHA Nirvana published by XRK971 in the SS forum. This last amp is a rare design from me; it is a Class A of quite unusual high efficiency (43%) and it does 39W into 8R. The sound quality of this amp is peerless, up there with my Maya.

I would like to offer my best wishes to all Aspen customers from past, present and future; and suggest that we will all get through it. It's serious, but with intense quarantine and isolation we will flatten the J curve and quickly contain the contagion.

And finally - buy an Aspen module, and put it in a box for your wonderful enjoyment through the next six months! :D



Galu 23rd March 2020 01:28 AM

Could the above qualify for what 'Private Eye' refers to as 'Desperate Marketing'! ;)

Here's part of a tweet highlighted in the current issue of the satirical magazine: "Help yourself today by self-isolating in comfort with a fresh new mattress from Mattress Man."

suresh 23rd March 2020 04:14 AM

Dear Hugh,
Yesterday Indian Prime minister called for self curfew. social media helped a lot in knowing the seriousness of the virus issue. all Indians cooperated well by staying at home from 7 am to 9 pm. Indian government locked down 80 districts until march 31. it may get extended depending on the number of infected case . in my place pondicherry section 144 imposed.

Hugh and all aspen family members...Better stay at home and enjoy music .

AKSA 23rd March 2020 06:13 AM


Could the above qualify for what 'Private Eye' refers to as 'Desperate Marketing'!
Quite right, if a little acerbic, Sir!


gaetan8888 7th April 2020 08:05 AM

Hello Hugh and all the guy's

Same in Canada, all non-essential businesses are shut down.

Here in mountain Laurentides in Quebec province, there is some roadblock, so we can't move very far. I'm in my house and I go nowhere. I don't have car and usually I do hitchhiking to go to the village, but peoples are frighten of the virus and nobody give me a lift to the village. Hopefully a friend did bring me foods.

So I listen to music and I'm doing few good but simples amps for friends, so they will have them wen the virus will go down.

Hope all will go ok for you Hugh and for the forum guy's.



AKSA 9th April 2020 03:47 AM

Thank you Gaetan! We are quietly climbing the walls, we are sociable people and love to waste time in cafes natting away..... I miss the cafes, I really do.
But as we enter the winter here, the days are seldom over 20C and life really is peachy. There is very little traffic either; I can drive the 14kms to the city of Melbourne in 20 minutes at 9am on Friday, which has not happened in Melbourne in perhaps forty years!
This reduction of activity has cut productivity heavily, and the Govt has just borrowed $130B to help with small business and staff so people do not starve. Our Govt has done a good job; we have some hope that we have flattened the peak, although we are expecting a few deaths in the next month. Victoria has 34 deaths as I understand, which is very low for a population of 6M, five of them in Melbourne.
We need to listen to our music, that is really the reason we are in DIY!


audiostar 9th April 2020 10:19 AM


Do not forget to wear your mask! We are in lockdown here in Hawaii. But there is still too many cars on the road. And don't visit your friends or anybody. Isolation is the key. That should not be hard for audiophiles. There must be light at the end of the tunnel.

At least you get to focus on your Omega. Be safe everybody.

audiostar 10th April 2020 10:55 AM

Life could be worse. You could get eaten by a zombie. Drown your sorrow with music, plenty music. Speaking of music, I hear Hugh makes good amps.

KatieandDad 10th April 2020 11:05 AM

Here in the UK people are already starting to ignore the lockdown. I'm a critical worker so life is normal, I'm already seeing more traffic every day.

Thankfully the panic buying has subsided so the supermarkets are almost back to normal.

Galu 10th April 2020 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by KatieandDad (
Here in the UK people are already starting to ignore the lockdown.

For the record, I see no evidence of this in my part of the UK.

My thanks go to you for carrying out your critical work. I hope others will stick to the guidelines and keep you safe.

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