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philbyx 18th May 2004 10:10 AM

AD1860 datasheet for Audio Alchemy DAC

I am looking for the datasheet of this DAC because I want to tweak a Audio Alchemy "Dac In The Box". I want to know if I can supply it with +- 12 V in the analog part.



Netlist 18th May 2004 11:32 AM

Re: AD1860 datasheet for Audio Alchemy DAC

Originally posted by philbyx
I want to know if I can supply it with +- 12 V in the analog part.

Probably, it's the same family as the AD1862:


philbyx 18th May 2004 11:43 AM

Thank you very much Hugo,

The AD1862 can effectively be fed with 12 V (13.2 max) but not the AD1865 nor the AD1861, It's quite complex, then I need the original datasheet of the 1860!


dimitri 18th May 2004 11:50 AM

Dear Philippe,
hope this helps:
datasheet for ad1851/61 (they aare pin compatible with ad1856/60)

philbyx 18th May 2004 12:11 PM

Many thanks Dilmitri

I have all those PDF and in fact it's in the "ditbmod.pdf" that the author tells us to replace the 7805 and 7905 by 7812 and 7912. He says that the ad1860 is specified for 12 V. I just want to verify.


jean-paul 18th May 2004 12:16 PM

In the 1064.pdf it says that AD1861 can be used in designs where AD1860 were used at +/- 5V.

I hope I still have a paper copy of AD1860 datasheet. I'll check and if so I'll scan it.

philbyx 18th May 2004 12:24 PM

Yes Jean Paul, you are right !

<<The AD1851/AD1861 is available in either a 16-pin plastic DIP
or a 16-pin plastic SOIC package. Both packages incorporate
the industry standard pinout found on the AD1856 and
AD1860 PCM audio DACs. As a result, the AD1851/AD1861
is a drop-in replacement for designs where 5 V supplies have
been used with the AD1856/AD1860>>

This suppose that the 1860 can be used with more than 5 V, like the 1862.



guido 18th May 2004 08:51 PM

Got it!

Got it (i have the original datasheet books), now looking at audio/video ref manual 1992. But i don't own a scanner:bawling:


+-5 to +-12V operation. -Vdigital may not be more negative than

You can use it as voltage out +-3V or current out +-1mA by not using the internal opamp. Maybe room for improvements..!

Currents drawn are 10.5mA for + at 12V, 13.5mA for - at -12V, only specified analog and digital together (me thinks).
Currents are at 10MHz clock.

Versions from "bad" to "good" (THD figures):
dip: N N-J N-K

smd: R R-J R-K

Optional MSB adjust:
pin 15 - 470k - pot 100k - 200k - pin 1
then pin 14 to wiper of pot

Decouple all supplies to dgnd or agnd (duh).

Example schematic shows NJN5532 or AD712 for a low pass filter
:D ;) :) :confused: :xeye: :( :bawling: :hot: :dead:

And it's a 18 bit device

1 -V analog
2 logic gnd
3 logic +V
4 nc
5 clk
6 le
7 data
8 logic -V
9 Vout
10 feedback resistor
11 summing junction
12 agnd
13 Iout
14 msb adjust
15 trim
16 +V analog

input 2's complement 18 bit MSB first. Inputs are clocked on rising edge of clk. After loading the bits an active high le pulse .


philbyx 19th May 2004 07:46 AM

Many many thanks Guido, you made a very good job for me !

I have the answers to my question!!!

May I ask you a little thing more :

Can you compare the specif of the ad1860 and the one of the ad1862 ?
I think they are quite the same?


guido 23rd May 2004 07:30 PM

The 1862 has a 'digital offset circuit'. Think it is patented, the databook talks about patents which are not for the 1860.

numbers 4.349.811 4.857.862 4.855.618 3.961.326 4.141.004 4.902.959.

It shifts the midscale output away from the point of msb transition.

No internal opamp as in the 1860. Different pin-out obviously.
So i think they are quite different apart from 18-20 bit.


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