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cdsgames 13th May 2019 09:09 AM

Shanti Dual LPS 5V/3A , 5V/1.5A
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Hello ladies and gents.

Music and linear power supply has been always a good match . The main problems of LPS is extremely inflated pricing and no data.

You see not all LPSes are equal . Just using a transformer will not automatically give you a better PSU. Worst is that most of manufacturers include no testing . no data that can help chose one.

We mean to change that.

First we started with the transformer . There are many types of transformer , some are worst than others (noise coupling , electromagnetic interference)

We chose one of the best transformers for noise ,r-core

The transformer has a dual output (galvanically isolated ) so you can power multiple devices (RPI + dac , Katana , etc) and we used independent (of course since they are isolated) filtering on each rail. First a capacitance bank (massive) to reduce the 50/60Hz noise , then a active filter , fallowed by an LDO to keep voltage stable . Since LDOs have poor transient and impedance , we used a last active filter (with good transient) and then capacitance but most importantly , super capacitors on the output . So all power comes in fact from supercaps..So yes , transients and impedance of the LPS is..good.

Of course , Shanti includes AC line filter and AC is earthed to casing.

A few words on what we achieved . Measuring noise (in real word scenario) we see about 80nV (0.08uV of noise from 0-20Khz at the floor of our AP machine. This is comparable to batteries from our internal testing .

As explained , Shanti is not only shining because of the ultra low differential noise, but also because of incredible low impedance / deep reservoir of electrons at the output of the PSU ( thx you soundcheck for your suggestions )

At last ... pricing . We are working very hard to make this LPS the lowest priced on the market . All components are on the way , it will take a few weeks to start accepting orders. Questions and comments are welcomed

marudo 13th May 2019 09:23 AM

what is the price range?

cdsgames 13th May 2019 09:26 AM

I cannot disclose it yet , but well under 200$

cdsgames 13th May 2019 09:38 AM

Internal testing was done with multiple DACs , some from allo some from topping and other companies . In all good DACs (thd+n) better than -100 , we have seen THD+N getting better by at least 1db , and some with 1.7db (max)

marudo 13th May 2019 09:40 AM


Originally Posted by cdsgames (
I cannot disclose it yet , but well under 200$

nice price.. any impression on its use with allo products.. Katana, digione sig, boss 1.2?

cdsgames 13th May 2019 09:48 AM

I can only comment on what AP machines test data shows. Katana has 1.4db better THD+N using Shanti. Noise is the dominating factor in Katanas THD+N and by reducing the noise it gets a better number.

As for SQ.. no comments on my subjective hearing.

marudo 13th May 2019 03:59 PM


any safety certification being sought for this power source device.. UL, ICC et al?
how do you guarantee the safety of consumers from using this product?
take note that allo used to have issues with the battery adapter used by John Darko..

cdsgames 13th May 2019 05:55 PM

Certification under way FCC/CE. Marudo please note that battery holder had the wrong polarity on the units and despite our advanced warning the issue happened to Darko .

soundcheck 14th May 2019 05:18 PM

I looked up the PDF.

What hit me was...

3A and 1A ??

The recommended PS for a PI 3B+ should deliver about 2.5A.

OK. We know it can be run at less then 1A.
Still. 2.5A is the official recommendation.

That would leave the 2nd output of 1A for the Katana !?!?

That obviously wouldn't work! Right!?!?

What is your position on this?

cdsgames 15th May 2019 06:55 AM

The output of the second line is in fact 1.5A and 1.8A on transients so yes enough power for Katana + RPI , or Digione Sig (clean and dirty side)

We are changing the markings on mass production units.

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