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Wikkid 19th April 2019 01:58 AM

Vintage-Original Supravox T215 RTF-64 Refurb and upgrade/mod (?)
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Hoping Dave is back to his old self now, and will have a chance to "dip in" to this thread.. :)

So I've had for a while, that I'm anxious to begin using... a (vintage/original) Supravox T215 RTF-64 that is in excellent/pristine condition. (first 2 pix)

After a long time passed, I realized it would be a very long time.. (to long) before I could get a hold of another in equivalent condition, so I took the plunge and got another that's slightly different.. and in slightly different condition. (third pic)

The new one, has the whizzer cone (not desirable for me) and the original doesn't.
I've cut away the whizzer, and am left with a very rough remnant of it, and the dust cap (which was an integral part of the whizzer cone) which is smaller than the original's (actual) dust cap.... and is glued to the coil former whereas the original is glued to the cone...

In addition, the new one has a treated "surround"...
The original, just the untreated paper pleats.
Both use just the pleated paper portion of the cone as a surround...

The "surround treatment" of the new one is dried out and cracking... not surprisingly..
The original/untreated has most likely stiffened over the decades...

SO... what to do?

Wondering if I should just cut away both dust caps....
(hard to bring myself to since the orig is so pristine)..
But what then?
Phase plugs?
New matching dust caps? What type? (to preserve the well loved original sound) Glued directly to coil former, or cone??

I haven't taken a pic after whizzer removal.. but I can if anyone wants to see...

The surrounds(s)....
Something has to be done... at least certainly to the new one..
I've scraped away as much as I can of the old cracked treatment-substance with a razor blade and a small wire brush...
I don't dare do any more, since the paper is starting to go away in a spot or 2....

Treat both with the same/new treatment substance?
If so, what?
Maybe the remnant of the old will liquefy while doing so?
Obviously getting them to match is critical...

Does anyone have familiarity with these?
The cones are not available anymore AFAIK...

BTW: If the cones look different, it's just an optical illusion... other than the color..
I've measured and the dimensions are the same.
The surround treatment contributes to the illusion, as well as the felt gasket being wider than the cork of the new one... as does the way the light hits it..

That reminds me... anyone happen to know were to get replacement gaskets?
Or a suggestion as to another alternative?

To complicate matters further, I got a hold of these:
2 Suspensions foam for Supravox T215 EFRC or RTF64 + adhesive | eBay

They would solve a portion of the problem, though I'm very loath to cut on the pristine original one, and would prefer to try other solutions first..

The problem also remains on the new one, that there's cracking/built up treatment where the new surrounds would have to glue on to...

Does nothing to help with the dustcap/whizzer issue...

Help very much appreciated!

Any other upgrade/mod suggestions also very much welcomed!


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