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planet10 23rd September 2018 07:24 AM

diy Diffusors
Sound Diffusers 101: Free Designs for DIY Diffuser Panels

Based on the Honours thesis of Tim Perry of the University of Victoria:


krivium 23rd September 2018 11:52 AM

Yes Arquen site offer some very interesting design.

Bwaslo depot diffusor is an interesting (even more simple) option too:

Making easy DIY "Depot" sound Diffuser panels, step by step

There is one thing about both kind however: for them to operate as intended you'll need some space. IOW there adapted to 'relatively' large room.

If you need something to use in smaller space an RPG's BAD (Binary Amplitude Diffusor) could be more adapted.
Here is the patent link (for inspiration and/or understanding the principle of this one which is a bit different than the usual scattering approach): Planar binary amplitude diffusor

planet10 23rd September 2018 07:45 PM


DIY sound diffusers


eduard 16th December 2020 02:07 PM

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As you can see i already installed some acoustic panels on my ceiling and sidewalls. The company where i bought them doesnt have something that will fit in the area between the outer panel on the ceiling and the panel in the middle of the sidewall. ( the one in front of the plasma screen can be lowered when i listen to my big set)

My idea was to make a kind of construction looking like a fence with let us 2 inch and 4 inch diameter bamboo poles about 3 feet long and then switching from a thin to a thick one all the time to create some diffraction.. The poles will follow the long side of the panels and make a curve in the area where wall and ceiling meet.. Maybe it will just give a tiny improvement but it is mainly done for the looks.

I could put them vertically, let them start close to the outer panel . I could turn them into a bass trap when closing the two sides with a fabric and use the usual filling.

As usual all good ideas are welcome,

eduard 20th December 2020 01:35 PM

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I have been '' googling '' for making my own bass traps and it seems not everyone share the same ideas.
As you can see in my recently posted pictures my room does have some extra corners because of the brick arcade that is like a necessary element of the complete building.
There is some kind of consensus that the material for a bass trap needs to be dense. Just today i read a French article that states the used material must have a certain minimum speed for the sound to pass through to the other side so to say. Maybe this was through for the absorber being described in that article because it wasnt a bass trap.
I will probably use a product called Rockwool rocksono. There are 3 different types. Comparing the absorption at 125 hertz/cycles you can see the most dense one achieves higher absorption and going up To get 0,8 absorption ( 1 being maximum) you need 140 mm thickness. Probable will use a complete package ( 39*16*23 inch) in the two outer corners behind the speakers. A package consist of 4 4inches thick panels sealed in plastic. The open side will face the ceiling. NOT sure yet if i will remove the plastic because like this it will be easier to use unless it is so to tightly compressed.
Because i have used bamboo before i am thinking about using this product in the photo to '' wrap around '' the package. This mat is made with 2 to 2.3 inch diameter bamboo split into two sections. I think this kind of surface will kind of diffuse the frequencies that dont need to be absorbed and the ones need absorbing will pass through.
Because of furniture in both corners i cannot make bass traps from ceiling all the way to the floor. BUT the absorber as described will have about 4 times as much content as the commercially available ones.
In one of the two corners it can be possible to make the trap go downwards about 40% extra. Good idea or better have them identical?
In the two corners just behind the speakers ( so the corners made by the arcade) i could install two traps probably 8 inches deep placed horizontally so with biggest contact area along ceiling and arcade wall.
I will have some left overs from the mat that i could to make some kind of linking element between the outer ceiling panel and the panel hanging in front of both side walls.
I could fill the created space with some absorber.........
As usual any ideas are welcome.
Greetings, Eduard

eduard 22nd December 2020 05:30 PM

Searched the internet a little bit more and i cam across the info that if you wanna use an absorber with considerable depth (in my situation about 16 inch) you will have to use material that has a low density. In order to have the benefit of the depth the '' sound wave '' needs to be able to reach the other end of the trap. I found some interesting material in Germany (called Caruso-iso-bond)

Because there are diffusors and absorbing panels in other areas of my room. The traps with the highest volume preferably only absorb the low frequency energy.

The bottom and top side will be open. Just the two sides that can be seen will be covered. I can use the bamboo from my last post. I can use a mat made of half inch diameter bamboo, one inch diameter bamboo or flat strips of bamboo 1/8 inch thickness and connected to the strip next door with some space in between.
The most eye catching solution is the one from next post. I think and i hope it will not degrade the performance in the lower region of the bass trap. The bamboo itself is not thick and the circular shape will diffuse,

Any ideas welcome,
Greetings, Eduard

eduard 22nd December 2020 10:24 PM

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It seems there is no knowledge here to be shared.
I will try to find some more information on the internet and just trust my own common sense.
Greetings, Eduard
P.s Just finished my diy pom motorhousing so have more to do

ogawas 3rd January 2021 08:04 AM

Hi Eduard,

I don't have anything to share as of yet, but I am doing the research to DIY built panels for my music room. I will keep you posted.

Our music room is a dedicated room for our families musical instruments as well as stereo gear.

Google Link here:

Family DIY Project: Stereo Shelf Build - Google Photos

* We primarily do near field listening
* French glass doors are "challenging" behind the 5 octave yamaha xyelophone; will be experimenting with different glass wall covering that is WAF approved...she can't complain too much because she plays violen!
* The tenor sax, played by my son, really bounces off that glass...piercing.
* First DIY will be sound panel between the upright piano and behind the Linkwitz LX Mini speakers. I am reading through Dave's links above as a primer. I will post my designs/builds/results.
* Next will be some type of wall covering for the wall of glass ....I have a pretty heavy / expensive drape from our prior house that is in storage....thinking it might cover 80% of that wall...

eduard 4th January 2021 11:02 AM

There isnt much info about acoustics on this site.
I am 100% sure that the first 1000 $ you will spend on DIY acoustic treatment will give you more improvement than changing a 1000$ pre amp into a 4000$ one.
So far i spend about 800$ on absorbers and diffusors no diy products. Now i will start with diy bass traps will spend about 1000 $ on diy . I would spend more but i cant put bass traps with the seize of oil barrel in every corner because that will destroy the interior '' design elements '' in my living room.
You could take a look a gearslutz website!! Lots of info there.
Greetings, Eduard

AllenB 11th January 2021 06:19 AM

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I tried bass traps about 10 years ago. These made a small difference. I can do more using multiple-subs.

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