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Rixsta 20th April 2004 06:59 PM

Best Transformers (Encapsulated Toroidal or Open Frame Toroidal)
Yeah which tranie is better for low noise for use in the zen 4..

Also the Open Frame - Toroidal are from rs components and are
Primary 0-230Vac
Secondary 150VA per winding

225V, 60A
230V, 50A
235V, 428A
255V, 273A

they are made by nuvotem i have no idea who they are lol
both around 25 but i am on a budget being a poor man what i mean is the cost of all the parts for a stereo zen 4 is mounting up not to mention the shassis i havent built yet...

the Encapsulated - Toroidal
are made by the same people and have the options
they are
Primary 0-230Vac
Secondary 150VA per winding

225V, 60A
230V, 50A
235V, 428A

now if i use my brain i probably will realise i need the 25 volts transformers 25 x 2 = 50V aren't i

Im going to use two trans because of the aperently better stereo seperation
so it's just the question of what type would be better for zen v4

i live in the uk and if anyone can recomend a better transformer that i can order from the net let us know please pleaase...

richie00boy 20th April 2004 10:06 PM

What DC voltage do you want? When you put AC through a rectifier and cap it becomes 1.414 times the AC value. Therefore divide what DC you want by 1.414 to get the AC required.

You would be better off buying one big transformer to power both channels, but using separate bridge and caps for each channel. This gives a better quality supply and works out cheaper as a bonus.

Rixsta 21st April 2004 10:19 AM

Thanks for the reply
i need 50v so 50 divided by 1.414 is um about 35v

but now i have a problem because of this

Primary 0-230Vac
Secondary 250VA per winding
235V, 714A

in the zen 4 schematic it says you need 300va but theise transformers are 250VA per winding..

but if i go for the
Primary 0-230Vac
Secondary 3125VA per winding
they dont have 35 volt ones of that type

so realy to be safe i must order two of the 300va 35v tranies

im not willing to lower the bias in order to lower the curent consumption

pro 21st April 2004 11:52 AM

Hi Rixsta
In my V4 I used the RS cod 223-8320.
It is 230V on the primary and 2x40V 7.81 amps an secondary.
With 40 volt, after bribge rectifier and and 47000uF capacitor I have about 52.5V with 1.3 Amp bias and about 51.8 with 2.5 Amp bias, that it is enough for 48V on zener diodes and 44V after the regulator mosfet. So you con drive about 23.5, 24 V on the output mosfet.
The transformer sometimes, but a lot very rarely is a noisy, but online of maximum it goes well, the power is sufficient also with 2.5 Amp bias.

Rixsta 21st April 2004 12:44 PM

exelent stuff thankyou
im off to order it now

so if i follow nelsons power supply i would have after the transformer
3 rectifiers (one for grounding)
1 thernistor
and two sets of output caps

and i might have two fuses on secondry and two on primary
to be on the safe safe side lol..

what about the .1uf capacitor does it need changing ?

could you send a diagram of how you wired your ps..
scince im going to be wiring the same way..

Cheers for the help
please forgive so many questions im a newbie

oh yeah also is that talk about stereo seperation using two transformers is better true ?

pro 21st April 2004 02:09 PM

I don't have a diagram, just because i followed the Nelson Pass line guide.
See the photo in the Passdiy site under Zen V4.
Mine V4 is named Michele.

Rixsta 21st April 2004 02:18 PM

i see you use good capacitors too

pro 21st April 2004 02:42 PM

Caps are by VIFA 47 mF each RS p/n 189-800.

Jocko Homo 21st April 2004 04:44 PM

Companies encapsulate their toroids to cover up the fact that they skimp on copper, and therefore tend to buzz. More prevalent with small ones, though.


Rixsta 21st April 2004 09:35 PM

I will keep this in mnd dude

now i just gotta get some damn big motha heatsinks

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