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Tea-Bag 13th May 2018 01:58 PM

GB For Salas SSLV1.3 Ultra-BIB
SSLV1.3 - The Ultra-BIB
The group buy is for an updated Low Voltage shunt reg designed by Salas. This updated board uses no NOS JFETs making parts to supply and costs easier to predict. The circuit has been updated an initial clinical listening test have been positive, and noted as an improvement to the original BIB design. The board uses a universal set of components. So there is no need for calculations for voltage setting etc. As long as the appropriate transformers are used, the voltage can easily be set with the components listed in the schematics. The R1 current setting resistors will need to be calculated. This should make buying components for the project less worrisome.

Build Thread SSLV1.3 "Ultra-BIB"

Salas SSLV1.3 UltraBiB shunt regulator - diyAudio

Salas thoughts..
As the beloved SSLV1.1 BiB shunt reg was getting long in the tooth especially for NOS JFETS I had in mind for some time now to design its successor. The goals were: 1. In production parts 2. Much simpler to set up. 3. Better technical and subjective performance.

After many breadboard experiments and two prototype PCB iterations I feel that my goals were finally met. So here comes the UltraBiB

-Uses no NOS parts.
-Can do 5V to 40V output without changing a thing in its configuration.
-Nothing to choose and match. No tolerances in predicting its CCS limit setting.
-Has 45dB more open loop gain and many times less output impedance than 1.1
-Sounds easily better.
-Its an electrically and mechanically drop in replacement for an upgrade.

Some initial qoutes on sound

From Dimdim
"When we swapped it in place of the BiB 1.1 in my Soekris, the improvement was immediately obvious and not subtle. There was a general improvement in clarity and silence, but the biggest improvement (imho) is that the music appeared to have more energy in the lower mid area, where before it was kind of "dry". This was with Salas' very first prototype, built with standard (non-boutique) components. The board that I built with audio grade capacitors in the filter bank and MUSE BP caps in the output sounded even better."

From VGeorge
"The change in sound to better was apparent at first listen. As other have described, better clarity and definition throughout the audio range, but for me it was also apparent up high the frequency where I could hear more power but without any harshness."

The board will consist of three different reg's on one board. The board is V-Scored and can be broken into three boards, two boards etc.

On each full board there is a two positive regs and one negative rail reg.

Extra mini-kits (partial kits) are available to support building of the board - but leave out C1 Filtering cap and most resistors .

The boards will sell for $25 each, with $8 minimum shipping USA and Canada 10 min International, paypal only. Shipping has increased substaintially for international shipping, so I can only send a limited amount of boards and kits before it becomes a "package" as opposed to a "flat" and the cost typically doubles.

BOM List for board
UltraBIB Minikits - Google Sheets

UBIB Positive Minikit $14 - Please note if needed 5V operation, J3 must be <7.5ma. You must also use RED leds here the 1.85 vF type. Please add this to private message so I can put a measured one to put in your kit.

UBIB Negative Minikit $14

Dadbeh 13th May 2018 02:07 PM

excellent. please sign me up

Tea-Bag 13th May 2018 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by Dadbeh (
excellent. please sign me up

Should be able to click on link in signature and sign up in spreadsheet.
Actually I added you in a while back. But check details. :)

manniraj 13th May 2018 03:08 PM

The sheet is locked for editing to add the names.

Tea-Bag 13th May 2018 03:09 PM

Please try again.

passive420 13th May 2018 03:18 PM

These look just the ticket for pretty much everything, thanks Tea.

I have updated my DCG-3 preferences for just the amp boards with parts and omitted the DCSTB supply, these ultra boards will be perfect I'm sure...

passive420 13th May 2018 03:19 PM


Originally Posted by manniraj (
The sheet is locked for editing to add the names.

You need a Google mail or account to edit Google docs. Just sign up, it's handy.

manniraj 13th May 2018 03:22 PM


Originally Posted by Tea-Bag (
Please try again.

Thanks it works now.

Marra 13th May 2018 03:34 PM

Signed up for two boards.

wcwc 13th May 2018 03:59 PM

When does the group buy end? Just want to know when I need to have the money ready.

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