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kcducttaper 8th March 2018 08:03 PM

Troubles finding PR
Where do you all go to find a good PR? I'm trying to find a good 6.5-8" for a TangBand W5 1138SMF 5.25". Ideally, I'd like it to match aesthetically and I really like the look of this PR but it's way too small. Peerless used to make a bigger version, but only available is ridiculous quantities.

Lunchietey 8th March 2018 09:38 PM

Peerless 830880 is. 5 1/2 inch version of the 3.5 you listed. Says in stock on Madisounds website.

Dayton do readily available passive radiators in 8" (SD215-PR) but aesthetically it is different.

Found a a Chinese 8" you may find interesting on aliexpress link below. That price is for a pair. Edit: similar can be found on eBay if you don't like AliExpress. Just type passive radiator 8 into the search bar.

Online Shop GHXAMP 8 inch Subwoofer Rubber Passive Radiator Speaker Auxiliary Bass Radiator Woofer Vibration Diaphragm Honeycomb DIY 1Pair | Aliexpress Mobile

Earthquake make the 'slaps-8'

Found those just by googling passive radiator 8

kcducttaper 20th March 2018 11:12 PM

Oh, this is cool! Dayton just launched a series of PRs for their ND line. It looks like a pair of ND140-PR 5 1/4" would do nicely with my TangBang at 9mm of excursion. Looks like I'll need to figure out how to model PR's as I haven't done this before. I'll stick one PR on each side of the box. I'm guessing I'll need to add some mass to lower the FS as I'm shooting for an F3 as low as possible. Going ported, I could sim an F3 at 32Hz, so I'm guessing maybe 35Hz with a PR. Still not bad for a bookshelf.

After plugging the values to WinISD, adding both disk weights provided in the box, it looks like I can get a super flat curve down to an F3 at 35Hz - potentially a bit lower if I oversize the box, but that starts creating a scooped curve. This just might do the trick!

Jared 21st December 2018 05:40 PM

Did you ever build this? Results?

kcducttaper 21st December 2018 06:04 PM


Originally Posted by Jared (
Did you ever build this? Results?

I did. It sucked. I ran 2 of those dayton ND 5.25" PR's (one on the left side and one on the right respectively) with my TB. It could've just been tuned too low or in a bad room, but the low end was very weak compared to when I had the TB's in a ported box. It also bottomed out the PR's fairly easily even though they each have the same xmax as the TB woofer.

It looks like Dayton is pumping out new PR's and just released a Designer series 6.5" aluminum PR. It's got slightly less xmax, but is much bigger, so perhaps I should revisit the design with some of those... Now that you've brought this thread up again, I may have to revisit this one and do some modeling this weekend. :cool:

wolf_teeth 21st December 2018 09:00 PM

I built/designed just as this thread intended initially with a pair of 830880 with the W5-1138. The design is called the 'Triumph', and I built it back in 2007. Being the sporadic supply of the 830880, I designed an alternate with a single SD215PR called 'Biumph'.

Using 0.5" MDF, this is a 9" cube, and has an F3 of 40 Hz.... and it does not suck. :)


kcducttaper 21st December 2018 10:01 PM

I looked at the sd215pr and didn't really care for the "cheap" honeycomb look of the PR at the time (personal preference). What orientation is your PR in if I might ask? I'm one of those guys that always likes having things pointing forward if I can, but I've thought about sticking it on the bottom or back if it's up against a wall.

wolf_teeth 22nd December 2018 04:10 AM

Opposed or adjacent, PRs never go on the bottom.

kcducttaper 26th December 2018 05:52 PM

So, I got to calculating things and WinISD sees 2x DSA175pr's bottoming out at 50 watts on the TB W5. According to driver specs, a single 175pr has a larger VD than the W5, so 2x PR's "should" handle all the excursion the W5 can dish out, right? I'm not entirely convinced those little W5's are limited to 40 watts.

Does your single 215pr bottom out with the w5? A pair of 175pr's has a higher total VD than a single 215, so if you're not bottoming out that one, me thinks I should be fine with 2x 175's...? Still a bit new to the PR game. Also, if you have a link to your build that I could reference, that would be awesome!

wolf_teeth 26th December 2018 06:14 PM

Did you tune the PRs down? If you don't lower the tuning, they will flappa-flappa like crazy. And really- 40W is the rating of the 1138 for a reason. That's thermal Pe.

Just click my sig, scroll down to Triumph, and that's all there is to it.

How are you seeing these as bottoming out? The Excursion plot? Of course they will below a certain frequency, as that is how vented/PR boxes unload. The goal is to balance that the best possible, and see if the mechanical suspensions damping is enough to keep it happy below tuning. You won't get any F3 in a non-sealed alignment without having a point where the driver unloads below tuning.


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