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needtubes 30th October 2017 12:07 AM

Any plans for Voxativ drivers?
I know the asking price for Voxativ drivers doesn't exactly fit the frugal-phile bill, but I've recently been looking around for new and interesting full-ranges to try out and have accepted that finding some may cost a lot. I've tried some Mark Audio drivers (the 6p, which I use daily as desk speakers, the 7p, and the 10p, which I found less impressive than I had hoped) and am now looking around for other options like Voxativ, Cube Audio, Lowther, and the SAL drivers.

It looks like the two "low-end" offerings by Voxativ - the 5" AF-1.5 and the 8" AC-1.6 - may fit in the Frugel-Horn MK3 or XL, but I was just curious what you thought about shoehorning them into the box. Perhaps another box or open baffle would be a better fit?

Joshcpct 30th October 2017 12:18 AM

Hi. I switched some time ago (10years) from Fostex to Lowther. Compared before Voxativ, Lowther and AER. To me, the Vox is a bit tired, not as good resolution as Lowther. Not bad though! Made some research and seems like membrane is thicker and suspension with higher rubber content (long live but heavier).
Lowther was much better in resolution, but a touch more harsh.
The AER sounds similar to Lowther but gives a touch even more resolution while being even less harsh than the voxative, clearly the best.

Unfortunately very pricy too :) so i ended up with Lowther, EQing the shout a bit and getting very similar to AER (tiny touch resolution missing though).

First in the backloaded horn. It was ok, but needs a sub. Which is a lifetime effort to match to those drivers, you never end fine tuning.
Later then tried them in a front loaded horn for the low-mids. That was incredible awesome, it boosts the quality several levels up. Using a super tight back chamber of 5 liters makes any hipass not needed. It even fits perfect to the Khorn with just using 2nd order low pass.

My recommendation.


vinylkid58 30th October 2017 12:19 AM


Originally Posted by needtubes (
and the 10p, which I found less impressive than I had hoped)

I'm guessing you didn't have them in the larger FHXL enclosure.


needtubes 30th October 2017 12:47 AM

Thanks Joshcpct, that is good information to keep in mind. I'm not sure I would enjoy a never-ending pursuit to optimize the sound of a driver-sub combination.

Jeff- No, the 10p were not in FHXL. I had them in a MLTL, which should have given flat response to ~40Hz. In reality, bass was lacking. Even after adding BSC, I was just never satisfied.

On the other hand, I am constantly impressed by the Alpair 6p. They sound terrific, even though my boxes cannot be optimal.

zman01 30th October 2017 01:46 AM


What music did you try the Alpair 10P with and found the bass lacking? What amplification?

In my experience wide-band (aka full-range) speakers do not do well with heavier rock/metal genres.

needtubes 30th October 2017 02:28 AM

I agree, rock is not their thing. I threw the usual tests of various genres at them just to see what I had built, but I tend to listen to small jazz ensembles with female vocals. The string bass line was present, of course, but subdued. I know I tried them on my 6C33C SET, and may have tried the 6C45 SPUD, mini Aleph, or others. This was a while ago, so I don't remember all the particulars of the sound. But, I feel like it wasn't just the bass which was lacking.

sgb 30th October 2017 06:34 AM

I had an itch to scratch on changing the Fostex FE108EX drivers that came with my pair of Lowther America's Alerions and the Voxativ AF-1.5 scratched that itch.

The mounting PCD of the AF-1.5 are the same as the Lowther's DX series so physically it was just a straight swap. I wouldn't gone ahead with it if it weren't and Voxativ was incredibly patience with my emails on dimension checking. I did some sims using Hornresp based on what I could measure of the Alerions without taking it apart (which I don't want to do anyways). From my sims (I hope I done them right), the AF-1.5 would reduced a peak (I think around the 100Hz mark) from the Fostex in the same enclosure but the LF drop-off was earlier at around 60Hz. The limiting factor I found was the back chamber of the Alerion which were a couple of litres too small for the AF-1.5.

I have not compared with the Lowther DX but I did with the FE108EZ and the FE108EZ gave stronger bass however much less resolution in the midrange and upper mids. Despite a lower bass SPL, I actually heard faster(?), more texture and different tones in upright double-bass from the AF-1.5 . Since I listen to them almost in near-field like 2 to 2.5m away, the trade-off with the lower bass SPL but the gain in the superb midrange of the AF-1.5 more than make up for it when listen small jazz ensembles, femail vocals and big bands (which I love)

planet10 8th December 2017 11:39 PM

To update the idea, Scott & are working on/have a couple boxes for the Voxativ.

A Monster miniOnken for the AC1.6 and a big rear-mouthed BVR for the AC-X. Between Scott & myself other drivers could find their own solutions.


sgb 11th December 2017 10:28 AM


Originally Posted by planet10 (
To update the idea, Scott & are working on/have a couple boxes for the Voxativ.

A Monster miniOnken for the AC1.6 and a big rear-mouthed BVR for the AC-X. Between Scott & myself other drivers could find their own solutions.


Excellent update! Thanks Dave and Scott!

Would love to see the big rear-mouthed BVR for the AC-X fieldcoil! I always want to try a fieldcoil

planet10 11th December 2017 10:30 AM

When we get them done we will post a summary document.


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