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bandol83 24th September 2017 03:18 PM

GB for Baby Huey PCB
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Dear Antonio, Dear Nikos, and all others,

Thanks for your feedback, sorry for not answering faster but I have been quite busy recently... I am please to see that everybody received the PCB and like it, I am sure you will also like the sound, I am still trying to understand how to use a sound card to make some audio measurement, but as I say I don't have enough time now :mad:

I have received several demand for more PCB's, even one person ask me if I could make a group buy but I have never done that and I don't know how to do that ? However, I could perhaps ask the PCB shop (EuroCircuits) to make more boards if there is enough interest. You will have an idea how the PCB look in the attached manufacturer file. If you are interested just send me a PM and I will see how many pieces could be built, for information the cost of the PCB for the previous batch of 10 pieces was 20 per channel, 40 for a stereo amplifier. Don't worry if you didn't get a quick feedback, I am not always on line, I do that for fun and I am please to help others as I have been supported in my project, but it take a lot of time :)

Best regards,


silvercosworth 25th September 2017 03:14 AM

Let's start to consolidate orders....count me in. Thanks !

silvercosworth : 6 pcs (or 3 x stereo )

bandol83 29th September 2017 05:01 PM

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Hi everybody,

It seem that we will have enough interest to produce a new batch of PCB, about 7 stereo set have been requested :)
I received some PM requiring a BOM for the amplifier, therefor I add one in this message (it is a mix of English and French, but should be understandable anyway...).
I had some people asking for the price (even if it was indicated in my previous message !) and I confirm that it is 20 each channel, 40 for a stereo amplifier (about 24 & 48 US$, but I need payment in Euro because I have no US$ account...), plus the shipment cost depending of your country. Please give me by PM your email and address to get the exact cost including shipment.

I have received also some request for the EL84 version, however this one is no more available, but the EL34 version can use 6V6 tubes instead of EL84 with the same result (see photo) or may be there could be possible to use an EL34 to EL84 socket adapter ?

I will wait one or two weeks more to give the time to everyone to confirm and to pay, and after I will order the PCB's...

Have a nice week-end,

rongon 29th September 2017 06:05 PM

PM sent.
rongon: 2 pcs. (stereo pair of PCBs)

SCD 29th September 2017 11:30 PM

PM sent
SCD: 2 pcs (stereo pair)

leejh 30th September 2017 01:00 AM

PM sent.
leejh: 4 pcs (2 stereo pairs)

e_fortier 30th September 2017 07:30 AM

Hi Marc

People might be asking prices since the price of pcb's vary with the quantity you order.
As an exemple a pcb like the one of this GB is 100mm x 127mm and cost 34 Euro for 10 of them + shipping. If you order more the overall price should normally diminish.


mbrennwa 30th September 2017 08:32 AM


Originally Posted by bandol83 (
I have received several demand for more PCB's...

I am not sure which circuit (or which version of the Baby Huey) you implemented. Can you post the schematic?

bandol83 30th September 2017 08:38 AM

Hi Eric,

You are right, the price of 20 per board is based on a qty of 10 pieces.

The PCB are made by EuroCircuits Eurocircuits – Online PCB Prototype and small series specialist and you can see the price on their site. As an exemple, for 20 pieces it will be about 14 and even 11 for 30 pieces. The boards for small quantities are manufactured in 7 working days, but price can be even lower for higher volume : if manufactured in 20 days for 40 pieces it can go down to 8 !!!

Until now we have demand confirmed for only 14 boards :

silvercosworth 6
rongon 2
scd 2
leejh 4

Best regards,

bandol83 30th September 2017 08:48 AM

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Hi mbrennwa,

The PCB is for the EL34 (or 6V6, 6L6, KT66,6CA7, 6550, KT88, etc...) version. You can see schematic and layout below...


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