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Jason 30th July 2017 01:51 AM

Moving server this Sunday/Monday 30th July
As a continuation of the service upgrades started on earlier this month ( Software Upgrades 10th July), will be unavailable for up-to several hours from 10PM GMT this Sunday 30th July 2017. During this time we will be moving to a brand new server, and the IP addresses for diyAudio will also be changing.

All the work spent preparing and upgrading software this month will come to fruition as it allows us to shift our whole system to a new, modern server with the latest operating system. It will be HTTPS ready and I have got a full HTTPS-only configuration working well, however moving to HTTPS is not as simple as flicking a switch, there are myriad compromises and incompatibilities to be considered. I expect we will move to HTTPS within the next month.

Our new server has twice as much RAM (64GB), twice as many cores (8) and CPUs (32), enterprise grade SSDs, and an OS capable of making the most of the hardware. As many audiophiles can relate to, specs aren't everything and in our case we have a number of legacy issues courtesy of our aging forum platform and plugins, but I'm doing the best I can to ensure diyAudio is as secure, stable and fast as possible until we can move to XenForo in the next few months.

Prior to the software security upgrades this month, we were averaging 200ms for initial page generation (front page). After the upgrades we experienced about two weeks of 500-600ms while I debugged various issues with the new software modules, and upgraded more of our systems, and now we are back to a consistent and reasonable 250ms. The new server has been set up with an all new configuration, switching a monolithic memory hungry Apache+PHP for a highly optimised NginX + PHP-FPM configuration and preliminary tests look like it will substantially improve page response times. I'm confident when we eventually move to XenForo, the site will be "lightning fast".

There is a publicly viewable status update page here for anyone who'd like to know more about what work has been done, is in progress, and is yet to come: As you can see a lot of work has already been done, and we've made some great leaps forward in terms of our software stack, archiving outdated and EOL plugins, installing newer more secure plugins, configuring a new "best practice" mega-server ready for HTTPS, and auditing our advertising partners. With the move to our new server, we'll finally be free of operating system level hold-backs and ready to move forward with a migration to XenForo in the near future.

tomchr 30th July 2017 02:10 AM

Thank you for all you hard work, Jason.


JonSnell Electronic 30th July 2017 09:54 AM

Xenforo is very powerful but a vertical learning curve for the admin staff. I thing anything is better than a wordpress based tree.

Zero D 30th July 2017 12:16 PM

@ Jason

Here's a few good testing www's which can show how good, or not, your HTTPS config is ;)

SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

Free SSL Web Server Tester - Wormly

Plus, check out the highly recommened & FREE cert www too :) If you havn't already

Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates

All the best with Everything

kpsthakur 30th July 2017 06:28 PM

Hi Jason, please confirm if Tapatalk plugin will be enabled soon after the upgrade

Jason 31st July 2017 12:44 AM

The forum was just down for a few minutes, but we have not yet done the switchover. We will probably switch the DNS in about one hour's time.

Jason 31st July 2017 01:58 AM

We are now live on the new server. There will no doubt be a few bugs to iron out. If you see anything major please let me know. The wiki will be down for a day or two, as it was not able to be beta tested in a development setting.

CharlieLaub 31st July 2017 02:03 AM

Great job!

SyncTronX 31st July 2017 03:32 AM

A lot of work behind the scenes, it is important for those of us who care about
DIYAudio site know what is going on behind the scenes etc. I for one appreciate it.

I'm sure you and other are aware how great and user friendly it is to use this DIYAudio
as opposed to yahoo groups. Yahoo is pretty worthless IMO and even trying to follow
threads etc is virtually impossible.

With all that you are doing do you have plans for the DIYAudio to use some type of
live video steaming/ conferencing type format, that could be use to show amp work
or pre amp trouble shooting live? participants could join and ask questions etc.
live while things transpire?

phase 31st July 2017 03:38 AM

Many thanks...

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