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hollowboy 17th June 2015 01:28 AM

paper cone open frame driver for front horn
I'm seeking a good current production driver which is similar to but better than the models I currently have:

Fostex 105WK is fine except for a narrow peak just under 7kHz. If the spike was over 10kHz or I was a decade or three older, it would probably be great. As it is, the driver is a bit steely or fatiguing if playing above very quiet levels. My pair are stock and close to advertised specs (slightly weak). Over 10kHz, these measure better than many tweeters.

P.Audio SN4-60F is like a pro version of the Fostex, and is good in many ways - more robust easier to listen to, good extension. Not ruler flat either, but most of its sins are above 10kHz where they are less detectable. 3/4 of the units I got are 'better' than advertised specs (Qts and Fs low), one had a defective / undercharged magnet. Their maximum excursion seems well over the advertised amount.

The P.Audio has a large, very wide magnet, very solid but relatively closed in frame and no modern features.

I was wondering what similar driver exists, but with a more advanced motor and/or better frame.

My current implementation is for 330Hz and up, in a front horn, via mini DSP. I like how miniscule excursion and distortion are, and I'd like to retain this (similar or higher efficiency, driver size). Extension to near 20kHz not absolutely necessary, I'm more ok with a super tweeter than with spiky response in or near the vocal range.

xrk971 17th June 2015 03:13 AM

Take a look at the PRV 5MR450NDY. Ultra low distortion, 95dB sensitive, smooth response paper cone with high tech Nd motor. Sounds wonderful in a front loaded horn XO above 275Hz.

hollowboy 17th June 2015 04:45 AM

Thanks, that or a similar Faital were high on my list of possibilities.

They look like they tick the same boxes as the drivers I have, but the smaller neo magnets are a selling point (for lower reflection, weight is not a factor). I'm superficial enough to hate the logo!

Parts of my project have been inspired by your posts.

planet10 18th June 2015 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by hollowboy (
Fostex 105WK is fine except for a narrow peak just under 7kHz. If the spike was over 10kHz or I was a decade or three older, it would probably be great.

Except for less bass, FF85wk is a bit better than FF105wk. During treatment we take some specific steps to ameriolate the resonances.


Greg B 19th June 2015 01:40 PM

Don't forget the FE108E sigma. It's a fine sounding musical driver with smoothly rising response perfect for a horn.

Cal Weldon 19th June 2015 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by planet10 (

a·me·lio·rate. :)

GM 19th June 2015 08:38 PM

5" FLH driver: Galaxy Audio S5N-8 5" Neodymium Full Range Driver 8 Ohm


freddi 19th June 2015 08:52 PM

I've used vintage JBL LE5 on a 250Hz tractrix - response on axis like 7KHz - dunno if the current parameters are the same as when ran them but got the crazy spec of qes ~4.33 ! and qts ~1.88 (fs ~321) the later model called 104H measures with qt ~0.67 and IIRC, is an octave short of those LE5

hollowboy 20th July 2015 03:58 AM

Thanks for the responses. I hadn't seen many until recently, through unfamiliarity with how the forum does notification.

Looking over the suggestions: I can't even consider vintage US stuff - not much of it is available in Australia. Also, it looks like I'm chasing a unicorn. The 4" and slightly larger drivers all seem to have a crazy patch at 6 or 7 kHz.

I re-measured my drivers (on OB and horn) recently*. The horn seems to make on axis bumps worse but off axis smoother and more extended. It also gives substantial gain (10-15dB over a pretty wide range (400 to over 2kHz). So I'm now wondering if I should consider a slightly lower output, small driver, like the feted Scan-Speak 10F. The horn boost and electronic high pass should give the final system decent capability vs a purist full range implementation. Has this unit (or similar) been measured in front horns before?

Another option is the Scan-Speak 15M. Really flat to 10kHz on-axis, bonkers off axis. Not sure if horn loading would cure / smooth this. Same price as the 10F.

*I will try to add some images /measurements soon.

hollowboy 20th July 2015 12:24 PM

Top to bottom: on axis, 15 off axis, 30 off axis. All were measured at the same level, then shifted for clarity. The Fostex is always red, and is always bumped up 5dB relative to the PAudio, because the graphs seemed easier to view that way.

All are 1m ground plane, with the OB tilted to point at the mic, with some use of cushions to reduce room reflections. So: nothing like a professional test, but comparative trends show clearly enough.

Neither driver is outright bad. Both have a bump around 7kHz. The Fostex bump is broader and part of a general HF rise, so it is more in need of taming. To my ears.

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