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djcl.ear 19th January 2004 10:35 PM

KSS-213 laser family
My CD player uses KSS-213C laser, and I have also tested KSS-213B just to get simmilar results(sound,playability,etc).

A local supplier told me that whichever laser from the KSS-213 family could be replaced for any of that same number... and that the letter aside the 213 means that the higher the word(closer to Z), then the more versatile the laser; allowing for more accurate reading of different brands of CD media. He also pointed out that newer portable, rugged CD players commonly use higher word coding lasers.

After thorough web search(Google, Copernic, Sony's site), I found very little info and no specification whatsoever...
I did found the KSS-213F that comes with a nice dust protection cap and also saw the existence of KSS-213V.

Recently, an electronic tech who does repairs, told me that KSS-213B was the best of the whole lot and that some KSSs could not be used in disrespective machines...

Any better clue?


djcl.ear 21st January 2004 07:22 AM

Any general comments (or link) about the KSS lasers?.:bfold:

Again, thanks

djcl.ear 25th October 2004 05:02 AM

Links maybe?

DragonMaster 7th November 2004 03:55 AM

revisions . . .
the B is the ones most people ask for replacements . . . the d, e and f don't last long, from f to v they're supposed to have dust cap. can't use the A.

My KSS 213 was dead, I have three Sony CDP players, one of them unused: exchanged drive assy.(older revision) using the KSS 240. Much more stable, and it's old and still works, with a lot more playing. I wonder if the C is the only long lasting 213. The 213V is violet . . .

JohnW 7th November 2004 08:39 AM


I also have a question, I've got a KSS-213Q!! with a light Gray dust cap - itís used with a Philips SAA7824HL. Does anyone have information on this variant (is it specifically designed for the Philips Servo Chipset?).

Iím also looking for information on the KSS-213C, I cannot seem to find a Sony ďLinkĒ for there range of KSS heads...



DragonMaster 7th November 2004 01:34 PM

Just for information: got some photos. too.

The 213 seem to be compatible with each others.

Except that eg. don't use an A to replace a B . . . but some like B to replace C works. But I don'T know if it's true.

Some models have some doors opening and closing over the lens, like the D on

djcl.ear 17th June 2005 07:02 AM

Ok. After some consideration and since there are already several of us who own the same moody CD Player here using KSS-213C SONY lasers(and hence we will all benefit of any improvement found) ... plus the laser prices have been reduced lately. Thus I finally decided to try different lasers, not based on info since it appears it is nowhere available, but on experimenting.

So firstly, went for the KSS-213F, with its blue head and dust cup.
Once installed in its rail I found out that the dust cover would not adequately function because it need a plastic trigger that is not present in the KSS-213C transport and on the contrary it could be a block for the laser path. Hence I decided to take out the little metal spring and the dust cup(the easiest alternative to this, would be to implant a plastic bump, so when the laser comes back to start position the bump displaces the cup in its axis for the other end to move and cover the laser lens).
The extremelly good result is :D that now it plays all CDs I have tried so far, any brand and CD-Rs in a previously very picky player.

Since the CD player is a DJ dual unit I had to go to the vendor to get the other laser, only to find that for the moment they just had KSS-213D in stock.
This "D" laser unit also has a dust cup, plus the material encircling the rail bar is metal(better than the round platic holders the KSS-213C has) and since lasers now cost around US$15 each and I was curious enough, I decided to also try this other model.
The installation demanded removing the dust cup too and the results have been the same so far.
I have only tested them for less than a month but I can say that both "F" and "D" lasers seem to focus more easily than the "C", with less searching noises and no "error 4" so far. Model "D" looks better built.

PD: the player manual states:

Laser: less than 0.4 mW in the lens
Wavelength. 760_800nm

Vidalgo 17th June 2005 09:51 PM

did you know this source for pickups?
KSS-213B/C listed at $7.95, there are letters from A to F.

IMO, dust cap on laser seems to be more gimmic than real thing to do an protection. Most of CD-ROMs (I think, virtually all) don't have this stuff, and running a long time inside vented PC case (with a lot of dust particles in airflows).
More, once CD is start spinning, it brings air from center area, twist it and push out in radial direction, like any spinning tool. At this moment, laser lens just sit inside of this cleaning air flow.

ar1617 18th June 2005 07:13 AM

OT a bit, anyone knows where I can get the KSS190A laser for my sony player or replacement.Tried searching but no luck.

DragonMaster 18th June 2005 04:49 PM

Seems discontinued.
I don't know what they mean by OUF OF PROGRAM ...

Searching from Yahoo gives some results:

Google = 0 results especially with electronic part numbers, as usual.

You will maybe need to find a donor CD player or a compatible pickup(It's sure you'll never find one with the same pinout but maybe one with the same connections). Or you can try to find a CDP with the same IC controlling the laser and to rewire it for an other pickup.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot, you can find a cheap Sony with a compatible drive assy. I had a KSS-213B drive assy. in a CDP-XE300, and I didn't want to buy an other pickup. Stole the drive assy. from a full-of scratches CDP-3xx(312?) using a KSS-210a and it worked! You have to look for revision codes tho. a newer drive in an older CDP doesn't work. The donor CDP was from 1998 and the XE300 from 2000. (Keep the old drive, you never know)

EDIT(again): ? ?

Also, somebody tried KSS-213V?

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