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tschrama 6th March 2002 09:41 AM

Free SPICE simulator..
Yep .. those can be downlaoaded in dozens but ... this one seems to work .. it is really free .. looks nice .. no crackcode nescessery or something like that....

for beginners is might be very educational to load the audioamp from the examples onces are running the program.. just chance some thing and look on the nice graphs...


psarin 6th March 2002 09:47 PM

Microcap 7 demo is another good one
i recently tried both SwitcherCAD (at the above link), and Microcap 7 demo. found the latter to be a lot better and easier to use.

microcap 7 demo is available at:

(no personal affiliation with them, etc)

tschrama 6th March 2002 10:40 PM


circuit size limited to 50 components (all layers), anywhere from 0 to 300% slower than the professional, limited component library, no Model program, and some of the advanced features are not available:(

rtirion 6th March 2002 10:55 PM

Does the LT version have a model maker?

Thanks in advance.

tschrama 6th March 2002 11:01 PM

I have only looked at this simulator once .. feel free to post your comments on the program when you have tried it...

subwo1 7th March 2002 01:08 AM

Even so, I still like microcap the best. It is the best one I have tried.

HarryHaller 7th March 2002 01:38 AM

Pay attention folks we have been through this about five times....

3 best free Spice programs


Spice models

Crank up your search engine or and download one or all of these programs.
Play with the models that come with the programs. Learn to use the parts editor with these programs and edit part based on models supplied above. This is stating to remind me of the Mark Twain joke about the weather. To paraphase, Everyone talks about Spice but no one does anything about it (or with it in this case.) I would LOVE to see some real questions on circuit modeling but you guys are going to have to do a little work to get up to speed.
I (and others) would like to get some disscusions going on modeling actual audio circuits but we can't seem to get past square one......


tschrama 7th March 2002 02:02 PM

sorry HarryHaller....I didn't wanna enoy you... thanks for the links..

like I said:

"Yep .. those can be downlaoaded in dozens but..." etc ..

It just looked nice and maybe my suggestion could help someone...

PS .. I a fulltime weekend-Pspice-modeler .. but being a biologist from origin .. I do have a little catching up to do ... allthough:

Nice story:
I improved S/N ratio of our lineair-optocoupler yesterday evening by 22dB !!! So much for 'proffesional' electronics department of our Lab :mad:

rtirion 7th March 2002 02:56 PM


Please try to be patient with all us simple folks.

A reply along the lines "seen that, done that etc." is no benefit to any of us.

Maybe you could answer, my previous question:
Is there a model maker util with any of these programs.

btw I've been using Pspice, Simetrix, Microcap for over 5 years with mixed results.

If you like to start a thread on actual circuit modelling, feel free.

HarryHaller 7th March 2002 03:06 PM

Spice is Nice
I was just being my lovable self.... Actually I am delighted to help get the "Spice Guys" band together. I vote we make sonnya the lead singer! I need to play with a couple of the other programs as I lost my $2500 intusoft when I got laid off! I will be nicer since it sounds like you could offer me as much as advice as I can offer you on Pspice. Way to go on the S/N. To let you in on a secret, I learn most of my really cool circuit stuff playing with audio stuff despite my EE. For your EE types at work, be sure to "Rub thier noses in it" as we say over here. When I was in the audio biz I had a Biology major and former landscaper distributing my audio products and an EE major who designs audio doing my landscaping. Too strange to make this one up. The world is a disorganized place.


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