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Alethia123 3rd July 2014 11:52 PM

Dual Othorn / Dual modified F215AN Build Log Summary
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Hey yall! :) I’ve never posted much on here but I wanted to share a build my buddy and I just completed. Before that I just want to give a huge amount of thanks to the various online DIY audio communities for helping us through this, couldn’t have done it without you all. I’ve learned a lot along the way, I have to give special thanks to these people as they were invaluable to this build.
Josh Ricci – The designer of the “Othorn” (mentoring, guidance, and of course the othorn design)
Jesse Hatcher – of Resonant Sound TX. (Carpentry, co beer drinker & close friend)
Jeff Bailie – of Basscouch CO. (guidance and inspiration)
Bennett Prescott – of B&C speakers (Answered like 10 of my phone calls when needing advice, sometimes even from Italy!)
Tom Danley – of Danley Sound Labs. (Keeping the tapped horn alive, and inspiration)
This build has been exciting and exhausting, but in the end it has been more than worth it. I learned a lot about horns and sound in general during the process. Also a lot about patience and humility!
This little rig consists of two Othorn tapped horn subs and two “souped” up F2152AN tops.
These Othorns use the suggested B&C 21”-152-4ohm driver, (Its freaking enormous!!). They were built out of 18mm / 12mm Baltic birch (as were the F215ANs), and have pocket screws throughout (as do the F215ANs).
I described the F2152AN tops as “souped” up because they use the (B&C) DE880TN compression driver instead of the suggested DE820TN compression driver, and they use the 15NW76 midrange woofer instead of the suggested 15NDL76 midrange woofer. We kept the ME90 horn. Considering the high quality of all B&C products I’m sure this wasnt “that much” of a souping up, but they sound pretty darn good.We also put handles in the F2152AN tops and changed the shape to symmetrical wedge, while keeping the airspace relatively the same. They all have neutrik connectors, and dish plates. All four were sprayed at a local bed-liner shop.
The pair of Othorns are powered by one QSC pl380, and the pair of F215ANs are powered (Bi-amped) by one QSC pl340 (on the four 15NW76s) and one QSC pl325 (on the two DE880tn / ME90s). These three amps are hooked into a drive rack 260.
I’m using a rapco horizon braided shielded “professional” XLR cable, and a GEPCO GSC134 13awg speakon cable. I soldered everything with neutrik connectors to match the dish panels.
Ideally some elements of the system could have been higher end (powersoft, better processor, …) but for the budget it all came together nicely, and sounds great.
I’m thinking of taking some videos of the tapped horns, and some “official” measurements of the whole thing, but wanted to see what yall thought first. Thanks for checking it out!!! :D

sine143 4th July 2014 12:25 AM

Clean build. what did you use for cab coating?

Alethia123 4th July 2014 12:39 AM

Thank you!! We took em to a bedliner place. I saw that gun they had and it had this tube with a spiral contraption in it, I think he said it mixed as it came out the end. The stuff is pretty tough, and it smelled terrible for a week in my garage lol.:)

sine143 4th July 2014 12:43 AM

how much to cover 2 othorns and the 2 tops?

Alethia123 4th July 2014 12:50 AM

$550. A lot of places quoted me $750-$850 but the mainstream linex ameraguard type places seemed to rush me to much and didn't want to listen to my specific needs nor did they appreciate the amount of effort went into them. I called and called so many diff places, and finally found a smaller specialty place. Their stuff seems just as nice as all the other places, and they were patient and were considerate to how paranoid I was about letting someone else work on them. In summary, I would avoid the larger mainstream places for nice speaker cabs.....oh ya..they double coated it pre-bedliner with somthing called "super sealant" :)

chrapladm 4th July 2014 12:57 AM

Congrats on the monster setup. I was just looking at building possibly a dual 15 main if I cant build a dual 15 TH. Othorn has always been the big bad boy of subwoofers. Sounds like you have a KILLER setup.

Wish I could hear it. Either way congrats again.

Alethia123 4th July 2014 01:02 AM

Thank you man!!! That means a lot!! I think you can pull off the tapped horns. Go for it! And take lots of pics! :)

chrapladm 4th July 2014 01:50 AM

Will do. My 15's are not ideal for horns but if they dont sell I may just use them in a TH anyways. Either way it was great seeing another person posting about their monster dual 15 PA setup. Great timing.

Alethia123 4th July 2014 02:05 AM

The dual 15"s have quite a bit of punch. They pair surprisingly well with the othorns. I was expecting tons of eq-ing and delaying but not so much really. Ive yet to apply the eq stuff suggested on data bass for the othorns, I only have the crossover right now. Im excited to get on that this weekend. :)

chrapladm 4th July 2014 02:36 AM

Friends family fireworks BBQ and loud music. Alright!!!!!!!

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