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PedroDaGr8 10th November 2013 05:37 AM

Pomona 5519A Test Leads
Yeah, test leads not the most exciting topic in the world but I still felt these were worth reviewing. Walking through Fry's today wasting time and I came across these test leads. I don't really NEED test leads I knew Pomona tends to be high quality. At $13.99 for leads from a quality company I decided to splurge and take the gamble.

At this price you aren't getting much more than the leads but thats all I was interested in. The package contains a red and black test lead with matching caps for the probe tips. They are rated as Cat II 1000V without cap. Cat III 1000V/Cat IV 600V with the tip caps. The tips are super sharp and the caps fit snugly without being annoying.

If I had these caps much less likely I kill the zener in my 199. The 18AWG wires are wear-indicating double-layered safety silicone (finally! I have leads that aren't plastic/rubber coated) while the tips and handles are polypropylene with a soft elastomer coating which feels VERY nice in the hands. It reminds me of the soft-touch coating on some smartphones. The leads read 0.06ohms impedence when shorted on my UT61E. Speaking of, continuity testing using these tips is virtually instant with no signs of a coating. It really reinforces how nice the UT61Es continuity buzzer is.

Also, I should point out the banana plugs are real banana plugs not the typical split metal prongs like on cheaper probes. I know this pic doesn't show it very well but its the best I could do.

First and foremost, I can say these leads are by far the nicest I have owned but they are also the first quality leads I have owned. So I have nothing to compare it to. The cable is double-layered safety silicone which doesn't tangle. One thing I should mention is how LONG they are. At 120cm (4 ft long for us yanks) the length is actually significantly longer than any of my other leads. I could see when using these on a test bench that length is welcome but I think in other situations it is a tad of a drawback. I actually like the caps as they are not cumbersome or annoying; simple to remove and simple to put on. Need I mentioned again that I got all of this for under $15 after taxes and I must say that I am QUITE happy.

Also, these are the EXACT thing as the Fluke TL71 test leads which cost at least $10 more. Both Fluke and Pomona (as well as Keithley and Tektronix) are owned by Danaher.

jean-paul 10th November 2013 06:14 AM

Ok where can we order ?

PedroDaGr8 10th November 2013 06:20 AM


Originally Posted by jean-paul (
Ok where can we order ?

I picked these up at a USA electronics store called Frys. Likely you can find similar in your country.

jean-paul 10th November 2013 06:49 AM

Hi I was only joking. Such things for such prices can only be found in the US. In Europe they are more expensive. Same with electronic components. Over here we have to buy hundreds while one can buy SMD parts a piece in the US. You are lucky guys over there in that aspect.

PedroDaGr8 10th November 2013 07:12 PM

Yeah apparently even in Canada they cost twice as much. At least here in the USA it makes no sense to purchase the cheaper ones. These are so much nicer its no comparison. I didn't realize how much the silicone test wires make a HUGE difference. At 1.2m non-silicone wire would be virtually unworkable. These on the other hand aren't a problem at all.

mikeford 6th January 2014 04:48 AM

Pomona is pro quality, good price from Fry's. Did you notice a COO, country of origin?

Tips and connectors are nickel plated brass.

Better than ebay China made for $4, but not likely much different electrically.

PedroDaGr8 6th January 2014 05:06 AM


Originally Posted by mikeford (
Pomona is pro quality, good price from Fry's. Did you notice a COO, country of origin?

Tips and connectors are nickel plated brass.

Better than ebay China made for $4, but not likely much different electrically.

I have multiple Chinese leads, these feel better. They read equal to my lowest impedance leads. The banana plugs are way better quality. The wire is higher quality safety wire, the tips are turned not cast.

COO Made in America with imported parts.

lanchile 6th January 2014 05:20 AM

Pomona test leads!!!!
100% agree with you! I posted a review about these Pomona test leads long time ago. They are EXCELLENT and I compared them with Fluke TL175 ones and to be honest......I like the Pomona better (price, quality)...By the way... Fluke owns Pomona!!!!

mikeford 6th January 2014 12:27 PM

I'm shopping for a batch of leads right now, basic leads as well as back probes, clips, and alligators, and its just kind of weird to be looking at $50 to $100 in leads for $3 or $30 meters.

Generally I have no issues with my $4 ebay leads from China, but maybe its been too long since I used a good set of leads?

PedroDaGr8 6th January 2014 02:35 PM

I haven't had any major issues with Chinese leads. Some are better than others, that being said the feel of these leads blows all of the others out of the water. The silicone cable makes a huge difference in usability. I would imagine that to get a silicone test lead from China it would be much higher than $4. Which at that point why not but the Pomona leads.

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