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mr_push_pull 25th April 2013 07:06 PM

Funniest snake oil theories
let's look at the bright side :) it is somehow funny.

(this is in the context of cable directionality)

A: "I always connect the cables by looking at the printing direction: source at the left side"
B: "but you do agree that the direction of the print can actually be random and based on the way some machines operate, right?"
A: "look pal, I try to experiment, not restrict myself to some narrow-minded theories"
B: "ok, but there's no actual experimenting going on"
A: "you engineers!"

fella wasn't able to see the substance of it, that being that taking whichever factor is at hand as absolute reference has nothing to do with experimentation. I mean, it's not even about the snake oil part of it. it's about the most basic logic.

IMO this best exemplifies the signature SY used to have: it is the "mystical" part of human mind operating.

sometimes I think I should just find another hobby so that I don't get to meet these types.

sonidos 25th April 2013 07:15 PM

heyyy, some of us can change. I used to fret on how much green ink I put on the edges of my CDs. :eek:

I finally got down off the ledge some time ago. :D

godfrey 25th April 2013 07:20 PM

Makes sense to me. If you hook it up the other way, the signal might get confused trying to read the label backwards as it travels down the wire. They don't have much time, you know.

mr_push_pull 25th April 2013 07:22 PM

yes guys but...
even if we replace "cable" with something else is still doesn't make sense.
I mean, the guy is saying that he was experimenting, when in fact he wans't.
this is the "WOW" part of it.

I'm helpless in understanding it, I throw my hands in the air. please, please someone enlighten me.
is it that these guys actually understand their errors but pretend otherwise? could it be that they have very perverse minds?
this question is serious.

CopperTop 25th April 2013 07:31 PM

Cables has got to be the funniest one of all. The new trend for 're-calibration' is the icing on the cake.

I wonder how many people around here are completely, 100% immune from the cable meme. I am. No cable in my system cost more than a couple of quid except for some 15 cables I bought many years ago.

The idea of burning in cables provides great entertainment. I pay tribute to the creative people who came up with cable lifters. Cryogenic and heat treatments was genius.

mr_push_pull 25th April 2013 07:36 PM

I do have cables with arrows on them myself :D connected the right direction, of course.
they looked nice and if I invite audiophiles to my place I tell them they're the best sounding ones I've been able to find, they look spectacular enough to be credible :D

but... looks like this "nouveau audiophilia" is emerging: throw all the theory, damn the engineers. AND throw away the logic too. who knows, maybe one day some audiophile will have the idea to set his (no, no "/her", no woman would come up with something like this) speakers on fire in order to break them in.
why not?

d@mn it, I'm not agianst cable lifters. some people use egg crates. they're free. if they provide pleasure (even imagined) it's fine.
but giving up on logic altogether? deny reality?

sonidos 25th April 2013 07:36 PM

Ah, a serious question. Well, in all my years of hanging around guys, if someone was not so technical, they had a pretty cavalier attitude of what is considered experimenting.

I always enjoy SY's writings on experimentation because it takes me back to Physics lab and tracking variables in our experiments, understanding error, etc.

But if someone says they put one IC with writing in one direction and the other IC in the opposite direction and call it a breakthrough in their experiments with enhanced can argue and argue and you will get the same type of response as your first post.

All you will feel is this.. :headbash:

mr_push_pull 25th April 2013 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by sonidos (
you can argue and argue and you will get the same type of response as your first post.

I know.


Originally Posted by sonidos (
All you will feel is this.. :headbash:

I know!

sometimes I think... is it any wonder we still fight over who's god is best? or that e don't have any cure for cancer? I mean, just read my original post LOL

strangest part is that I may be having such a part myself, just haven't discovered it yet.
maybe I'm a repressed capacitor listener? maybe this is just my subconscious trying to come out of the audio closet?

DF96 25th April 2013 08:31 PM

People always strive for understanding. If they can't or won't understand the truth about a situation then they will invent their own 'truth' and firmly believe it. They may even assume that they have deeper understanding than the 'closed mind' people who actually do understand (at least part of) the truth about the situation.

I once had a dental technician try to 'correct' my understanding of quantum physics - he could not conceive of anything so counter-intuitive so therefore it had to be wrong. Lurk on here for more than a few days and someone will try to 'correct' your understanding of circuit theory/calculus/trigonometry/algebra/electromagnetism or even claim that such things are not useful for audio. Just listen and twiddle the knob (or swap components) until it sounds 'right'.

Rodeodave 25th April 2013 08:33 PM

Ohhh, I got a good one fer ya.

I once read that you have to regularly subject cables to know, to replace the old electrons, with fresh ones... :headbash:

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