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Variac 9th June 2011 10:00 PM

The Burning Amp 2012-Schedules & Info
This is a thread to get the logistics worked out for Burning Amp Festival 2012
which takes place Sunday October 28 , 2012. Any discussions, assignments and notifications regarding
this year's BAF should be in this thread.

I'll put up the available rooms, and how they're being filled in the post right below this.

General talk about Burning Amp Festival and how great it is should remain in the Main thread here:

Variac 9th July 2011 09:09 AM

2012 BURNING AMP, Oct. 28th

OK, info on the rooms available. There will be the Big Room plus FIVE demo rooms!

The Big Room: C260
This is the room for presentations.
It will also be used for the beer, soft drinks and snacks in the morning and afternoon
The drawings for parts, and manufacturer's tables.
During presentations all these other functions will be shut down .

1. Nelson Pass Presentation: Audio Power Amplifiers in the Neo Post Modern Age
2. Jan Didden Presentation: To Delay or to Phaseshift, That Is the Feedback Question
3. Bruno Putzeys Presentation: Class D: Dragons to Slay, Fish to Fry
4. Linear Systems tables
5. Tasty Snacks courtesy of Audio Xpress & Elektor
6. Amp Testing table - Harmonic Distortion tested by: testguy
7. Linear Audio BookMag table
8. Audio Xpress & Elektor table
9. Other manufacturer's tables
10. Raffle/Auction
11. Refreshments & Food
12. Wavebourn PA system

The Tesla Room: (26'x 34') Systems on each end of the room, which will alternate and swap in different components.

SF Bay end:
amb System:
Sources: amb: γ2 DAC
Preamps: amb: α10 preamp
Amplifiers: amb:β24 power amp, Wrenchone power Amps
Loudspeakers: Audio Artistry CBT36 monsters

Linuxworks system:
Sources: LCDuino system
Preamps: behringer dcx2496, deq2496, 4ch chip-amp and vol control
Loudspeakers: zaph l18 from prefab cabinets, pretty much the full kit from madisound.

Other End:
Mennuti System:
Sources: Bill Mennuti: laptop source, dtut: I'm bringing a TT, three tone arms, Janneman: Bob Cordell Phono Pre
Amplifiers: Graeme L. : AX100 100W Aleph-X Monoblocks. Other mid-power solid state amps people bring
Loudspeakers: Bill Mennuti: dipole speakers with Fostex FE166E's above dual 15" Jamo woofers, mattlong8: Bass Array

Unison 845 System:
Amplifiers: Unison 845 plus 4 monoblock amps (GM70 + 6C33C)
Loudspeakers: Unison 845: High efficiency with horn tweeter.

The Hertz Room: (26'x 34') Systems on each end of the room, Siegfried Linkwitz "DIY" System on one end, Charlie Laub system on the other which will accommodate analog sources on a rotating basis.

S.F. Bay end:
Linkwitz System:
Sources: S. Linkwitz: supplied source, other sources welcome.
Preamps: S. Linkwitz: supplied preamp
Amplifiers: S. Linkwitz: supplied amps
Loudspeakers: Linkwitz "DIY System"

Other End:
Laub System:
Sources: Charlie Laub:CDP-XA20es transport -> toslink/optical output. Analog inputs available for others
Preamps: Charlie Laub: MiniDSP 4x10 DAC/DSP crossover
Amplifiers: Charlie Laub: Built-in, Some possibilities for swapping in other amps.
Loudspeakers: Charlie Laub: Active Loudspeakers with built in amplification and power supplies: 3-way & 2-way cabinet with interchangeable baffles for MTM and MT.

The Pass Pub: (about 26' long with one end 32' wide other end about 13' wide) Will feature a system with new loudspeakers brought by Nelson Pass. Clone components of Pass designs, and projects inspired by Pass designs brought by attendees will be swapped in.

Sources: Nelson Pass
Preamps: Nelson Pass.
Amplifiers: Nelson Pass Designed: If you have a Pass amp, even if it's in another room also, bring it by to be auditioned and blessed by the Man himself!
Loudspeakers: Nelson Pass: Mystery Speakers

The DeForest Room: (15' x 26' ) Low power, and small speakers. One system with components swapped in.

Sources: Demian Martin: Digital source
Preamps: slomatt: Foreplay, Wrenchone :Nice preamp with gain
Amplifiers: Rory Cronander: Pass Amp Camp Amp, Wrenchone: a couple of amps, slomatt: Mini Aleph
Loudspeakers: Lousymusician: Metronomes, KoHo: MonsterField Coil Lowther "Hanging" Horn

The Volta Room: (26'x 32') Systems on each end of the room, which will alternate and swap in different components.

SF Bay end:
Sources: Gary B: Files and DAC, wrenchone: Phono preamp, Nice California Audio Labs CD player
Preamps: Variac: Stuart Yaniger Impasse Preamp
Amplifiers: Variac: First Watt F-4 clones, Wrenchone amps
Loudspeakers:benchtester: ScanSpeak 2-way (HDS discovery tweeter in a 6" plastic waveguide and 15W Revelator woofer) and ScanSpeak waveguide 2-way (AirCirc - 15W)

Other End:
N-Brock System:
Sources: N-Brock: Oppo disk player
Amplifiers: N-Brock: First Watt F-3 or F-5, Amp Camp Amp
Loudspeakers: N-Brock: Sealed with SEAS Full Range drivers & Open Baffle with 21" woofers.

syyma System:
Sources: syyma:A Netbook as source connect to Music Streamer II USB DAC, Marantz SA8260 cd player
Preamps: syyma: 12B4A grounded cathode
Amplifiers: syyma:Simple SE for the Fostex and a Musical Fidelity A3 for the woofers
Loudspeakers:syyma: Fostex FE103en and dual Goldwood 15" open baffle.

I'm open to suggestions regarding these divisions. Feel free to post to request a room, listing what you'll bring, and/or to volunteer. I'll edit the posts into list of persons and equipment since I have editing powers..

We'll need lots of volunteers this year. One Marshall for each room minimum, preferably two, plus my posse who swarm over any problem and solve it.. and you get a red shirt! To be official and be sure to get the shirt you must be at the site by 8:30 AM

Some Volunteers, More encouraged:

berndt 13th July 2011 06:02 PM

Mark, I'd be happy to go where you put me. Will bring the jazz module speakers and the Randall museum gear along with a tt.
I'll bring a running system. Would be nice to be able to show up a touch earlier for setup.
Best regards, Bill

Wavebourn 14th July 2011 04:55 AM

Mark. do you think there will be some interest in guitar amplifiers this year?

CharlieLaub 20th July 2011 05:23 PM

Would like spot in the Tesla room
I am planning on bringing a large, "modular" 3-way active loudspeaker that I am currently building. Judging from your descriptions of the various rooms, it looks like this would best fit in to the Tesla room.

Will reservations for spots in the room be formalized at some point???


Variac 16th August 2011 06:22 AM


Originally Posted by Wavebourn (
Mark. do you think there will be some interest in guitar amplifiers this year?

Looks like there are guitar amps scheduled in the DeForest Room!

Zero Cool 20th August 2011 03:57 AM

what time does BA usually end?

Variac 20th August 2011 04:48 AM


Originally Posted by Zero Cool (
what time does BA usually end?

to answer your question, we start packing up at 7PM. By then the excitement has usually died down, but this year we'll have BEER again, so people may well stick around. We have to be out by 8..

udailey 28th August 2011 12:40 PM

Really sounds fantastic. Hope you all have a great time.

slomatt 30th August 2011 06:34 AM

If there is room (and interest) I'd be happy to bring a few things to represent the "bang for the buck" end of the spectrum.

Foreplay Preamp
Blank Photos :: Bottlehead Foreplay Preamp

LM3886 Chipamp
Blank Photos :: LM3886 Chipamp

Blank Photos :: Grand Pops

- Matt

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