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Tias 17th September 2012 01:23 AM

New speakers have no WAF - looking for a new design - but what about sound?
Hi all,

I recently purchased a set of these which are (as I was told) Mikasa design speakers.

And I have to say they sound amazing, even hooked up to just a normal Marantz amp. Now I can actually hear a difference when playing vinyl compared o MP3.

So, I'm stoked, but yes,... the missus not too impressed.
She has even offered to pay for different cabinets, :)

She quite likes the MK3's and so do I, but my main question is will that make a difference in sound and in what way? Did anybody hear these Mikasa's next to MK3's.

Also I couldn't find one image of the design mine are on the net, I guess most people don't think they look good.

Thanks heaps for your thoughts!

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Melo theory 17th September 2012 01:43 AM

Those are really great looking speaks man!
Just tell her that acceptance is the answer to all her problems today :D
It's a very zen statement, I think she will admire your wisdom :p

Tias 17th September 2012 01:46 AM

Hahaha,... I can try.
I even suggested having them repainted in a high gloss white lacquer but that didn't work either. They're just too tall for her,..
and it does dwarf the TV, will need a 60inch there :)

Melo theory 17th September 2012 01:49 AM

Yes! Make everything bigger to dwarf the size of the speakers :D
I think we are getting somewhere here.

planet10 17th September 2012 02:01 AM

Mikasa was released contemperaneously with Saburo, lots of the latter, only 3 other than yours that i know of of Mikasa, Derek Sanderson and GYChang you'll find on the forum, and anothor of solid in Wyoming (which the owner is very stoked about).

Mikasa can get away without room support to get bass, FH3 needs a minimum of near wall placement for bass enhancement -- corners to get down as low as Mikasa (a direct consequence of box size). If that is not enuff, a pair of stealthWoofers added later will take the bass to another level with an appropriate woofer(s)

Above the mass corner the 2 will sound much the same. It is moot, if the one who must be obeyed says FH3, then it is FH3 isn't it? They won't be a hardship :D


Tias 17th September 2012 02:27 AM

Thanks Dave!

Yes the Mikasa's produce quite a bit of bass (relative), but I have a Velodyne CHT12 hooked up as well, so I guess that could work with the FH3.

Indeed, I wont have much of a choice. unless I move them to a different room :)

Looks like I'll have to contact Sound with Style and see if they ship to New Zealand.

Thanks guys!

norman bates 17th September 2012 09:30 AM

lol, um, well, yea.

My wife said she'll send money towards a different cabinet :p

Actually, I have your answer.

Buy her a new handbag (a nice new hand bag said my wife). :D

The contrast of almost orange and black colors, they really stand out (not a good thing).


wintermute 17th September 2012 10:06 AM

yes I think if the orange were changed to black they would look a whole lot less conspicuous!!!

Maybe you could paint them the same colour as the wall and they would blend in ;)


sippy 17th September 2012 11:01 AM

Frankly, the builder of those must have been colour blind......and they would have changed colour before entering my home.
This is coming from a guy who rides day-glow PINK surfboards.
My girlfriend says they're interesting from a design pov, but utterly gross in colour.

Tias 17th September 2012 11:18 AM

Hahaha, you guys made me laugh.

And I totally agree, the colour is very bad 70's.

There is the option of repainting, I was thinking baby blue and pink. :)

But in the end I'll probably go towards the FH3. I just really hope it sounds the same if not better. This 'design' sounds really good on my system. :)

And Sippy good going surfing in the UK. Freezing,...

And Norman, funny thing is my girl just got a new nice handbag, pretty much same orange as the speakers.


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