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iancanada 24th February 2012 12:53 AM

Ian asynchronous I2S and S/PDIF FIFO KIT group buy
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I started an asynchronous FIFO project developing thread six months ago.

Many friends are very interested in this project. Some of them encourage me running a group buy for the KIT. After going through the third generation prototype PCB for each of the boards, I’d like to say they are ready to start.

I don’t like waiting. So, I have already placed an order for a small quantity production from a SMT assembly and a cable assembly factory. KIT will be ready for delivery in 10 days. Buyers don’t have to wait! I’ll put 25 sets into the GB. If more people want to buy, I’ll put them into a waiting list and try to order more.

Different from just supplying PCB and components, beside the BOM, there are many other costs such as assembly, testing, programming, stencils, HST, shipping, engineering, production wastage... After sum them up, I realized, for a small quantity production like this, no matter how much I price it, I couldn’t cover the cost. So the prices of this group buy would be based on the estimated budget of audiophiles and diyers. I’m not worry about that because if I could sell more down the road, everything would be back.

I attached the pictures of actual items of the KIT and corresponding PDF user’s manuals at the bottom of this post. Please read them carefully for details before you making any decision.

Items and prices

1.I2S FIFO KIT $149- USD/ea

Including: - A finished and tested I2S FIFO Board
- Two 8" single-ended PH 2.0mm 7-pin I2S cables
- One 2" double-ended PH 2.0 mm 7-pin I2S bridge cable
- One 6" double-ended U.FL cable for MCLK
- One SMT U.FL receptacle
- One 2" 10-pin FPC/FFC cable
- Four " rubber rings to attach the clock board to its frame
- An 11.2896 MHz oscillator installed for function verification

2.Dual XO Clock board $59- USD/ea

Including: - An assembled and tested Dual XO Clock Board (double-sided SMT mounting)
- One 6” double-ended U.FL coaxial cable
- One SMT U.FL receptacle
- One 2” 10-pin FPC/FFC cable
- Four ” rubber rings
- 22.5792 MHz and 24.5760 MHz oscillators for function verification

3.S/PDIF Interface Board $89- USD/ea

Including: - An assembled and tested S/PDIF Interface Board
- Two 5” double-ended PH 2.0mm 7-pin I2S cables
- One 6” double-ended U.FL coaxial cable for MCLK output
- One 2” 10-pin FPC/FFC cable to interface with the I2S FIFO Board
- Two BNC to RCA adapters

4.Accessional coaxial cables for U.FL connections

4” double-ended 50 ohm coaxial cable $2 USD/ea
6” double-ended 50 ohm coaxial cable $3 USD/ea
12” double-ended 50 ohm coaxial cable $4 USD/ea

* I still have 10 pieces of prototype CCHD957 adapter PCB left, First 10 buyers will get one of them for free.

Terms and conditions

- All PCBs are factory assembled by a Pb free SMT line
- Loop tested and bit perfect confirmed
- Technical support by email or via the above R&D thread
- Repairing for free within 1 year after purchase, buyers pay any possible shipping and parts
- No return for DIY KIT

Selection guide

1.If you just stick with one Fs and do not change it often, for example, 44.1 KHz I2S from a CD player, then the I2S FIFO KIT is working for you without any problem. You don’t need other two boards.

2.If you Fs is changing album by album, for example, I2S from a USB, you will need the Dual XO Clock Board working together with the FIFO.

3.If you need including the S/PDIF input and output function, or you want to setup a S/PDIF FIFO, then the S/PDIF Interface Board would be your choice.

Delivery and shipping

Delivery via Small Packet Air by Canada Post. Will be in a 20x12x6.5cm box, around 0.5Kg
For 1 to 5 items, the shipping will be

Within Canada $8- USD
To USA $11- USD
For rest of international area $21- USD

If you want a tracking number, extra $9 has to pay

Please put up with Canada Post or let me know if you don’t want going with it.

How to buy

1.First, please register here in this thread.

2.Then, to keep your privacy, please send other information to me by email to or by diyAudio Private Messages. I need:

- Your diyAudio ID
- Items and quantity you want to buy
- Shipping address
- If you need a tracking number or need other delivery service
- Your PayPal account (usually an email address)

3. Once the items are ready for delivery, you will receive a payment notification by email with my PayPal account, confirmed items list and total price.

4. Making payment within 7 days. PayPal only (I don’t like the 3% PayPal fee, just forget about it :) ).

5. KIT will be shipped within 7 days after getting the payment.

6. Confirm with me after you get the KIT.

I’m very pleased having opportunity sharing the output of this project with other audiophiles. Just hope you enjoy the KIT! :)


bigpandahk 24th February 2012 01:34 AM

Hi Ian

It great and thanks for your effort for the GB. I will order one FIFO kit and one Dual clock board

pedefede 24th February 2012 08:56 AM

Hi Ian

will order
- one FIFO kit
- one Dual clock board


regal 24th February 2012 11:59 AM

4x 4" Cables


wktk_smile 24th February 2012 12:40 PM


I 'd like to order one FIFO kit, one dual-clock board.

qusp 24th February 2012 01:39 PM

wow Ian, and guys, having one of these sets here, i can say without bias that is a pretty excellent price! the boards are very high quality, better than most of the kits here. just the spdif input board is the best i have seen and that price is better than un-assembled lesser kits elsewhere that are not as complete. the i2s fifo has no competitors that i know of. for full disclosure i havent tested mine out yet, just admired it and it was a generous gift from Ian, so keep that in mind.

snap them up while you can imo

gvelim 24th February 2012 02:56 PM

impressive kit.. for me:

1 x Dual XO Clock board
1 x S/PDIF Interface Board

I guess that's all I need for stand along setup.

Algar_emi 24th February 2012 03:02 PM

I'll buy all three kit (and if possible the free adapter PCB ;)

As for the 50 ohms accessory cables, I'll take two 4'' long cables.

I'm sending you the private email. Thanks alot.


necplusultra 24th February 2012 03:13 PM

Is it possible to purchase an unpopulated kit?

qusp 24th February 2012 04:47 PM

having seen the boards, i dont think that is a wise idea to try to solder yourself and good luck getting the parts for that pricing.

@ Algar_emi this 2 cables is just for spdif? 2 cables wont do all that much to help with i2s connection unless you are just using them for mclk and nothing else

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