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tschrama 19th January 2002 12:49 PM

DAC, project 85 of Rod Elliott
Hi everybody,
Look at this project:

Finaly a DAC project everone could build! This project so simple that a PCB is not needed..

It is gonna be my first DAC project (only used a evaluation board before, which is no fun)..

any suggestions, advice, comments..

I tried all night to find and order the parts be could not find them... what should I do now?

I would like to build it simultaniusly with a some DIY'ers.... 3 or 4 weekends should be enough.. we could share info through this forum...


JoeBob 19th January 2002 08:39 PM

I was thinking of doing that project except maybe substituting the CS4334 with a Burr-Brown PCM-1728 and using an opamp output stage. The only thing is that the CS8414 is virtually impossible for me to find... If I could find the CS8414 and the CS4334 I'd use them but I know of no place that sells them. That's why I got myself the PCM-1728. I was thinking of using the DIR1701 as the receiver but it's not as simple and straight forward as the CS8414 (I can't find any as easy as the CS part unfortunately). And I was planning on using some LM7171's (I like them alot) on the output stage (this would also be very easy, and wouldn't complicate the whole project).

You might want to consider using alternative parts as well, cirrus doesn't seem to offer free samples of these parts, and I can't find any place that sells them in bulk, forget about single quantities then...

tschrama 19th January 2002 09:07 PM

Thanks for the reply,

still haven't found a source for the parts yet .. been looking on the net all day... which cost more than the parts them self on phone bills :-(

since I have a opamp output filter type of DAC already .. I wanted to go for a single pole output filter desing with a zero offset, cap-less 2n5457 N-fet output buffer which I found on the net ... like is shown on the "tape output buffer for ZEN preamp" post...

I would be very happy to know how you project is going... is the Burr-Brown PCM-1728 easy to implement.. BurrB has a good reputaion on DAC's maybe I will go the same way..


JoeBob 19th January 2002 09:31 PM

Well the PCM1728 is pretty simmilar to the PCM1716 and has a DAC using it. It's pretty simmilar in use to the CS4334.

As for my project so far, I've just been accumulating parts and working on the output stage and power suply. Haven't found an easy to use replacement for the CS8414 yet, or a place to purchase it if I can't find a sutable replacement.

JoeBob 19th January 2002 10:47 PM

What do you think of the AD1892 as a digital audio interfeace receiver? I just found it and am going to read the datasheet now, just curious if anyone has any input on it. I hope it's as easy to use as the CS8414 (the DIR1701 doesn't look too friendly)...

sonnya 19th January 2002 11:43 PM

The AD1892 :

1. need a good oscillator like the ones from (24.576MHz).

2. it does not convert more than 20 bit signal .. Soo DVD??

3. The output samplerate @ 24.576MHz is 48KHz

4. The output samplerate @ 22.5792MHz is 44.100KHz

5. The output word size is 16 bit or 20 bit.

6. It does eat signal "directly" where the DIR1701 needs a RS422 receiver wich can operate at more than 13MHz (96Khz*32bit data* 2channels? There is missing something inthis calculation ... Ohh yes biphase .. "1" are shown as the double frequency of "0" => 12.288MHz)

I hope it helps


JoeBob 20th January 2002 01:07 AM

Well, it seems like it'll do most of what I need, except it bothers me that it'll only do up to 20bit signals...

But I was thinking of using the AD1892 and the AD1852 (instead of the PCM-1728 as I had originally planned). I'll still use the LM7171s on the output though.

Although I won't use it for DVD, I'll use it for CD and PC soundcard output. So if the soundcard isn't 24bit output (SB Live) it'll do fine, so I'll have to check that (I hope it's not 24bit)...

sonnya 20th January 2002 08:11 AM

Or you could go for a RS422 and a DIR1701 followed by a AD1896 then it is no problem with up to 24 bit and 96KHz in and 24 bit/192KHz out.

Take a look at it .... It is only an example

Happy DIY



awhobbyboy 20th January 2002 11:42 AM

It took me about 30 s to find this:

Never heard of the good old altavista?

Another solution might be to go for the previous models
cs8412 and CS4331 which are available and cheap.

tschrama 20th January 2002 01:30 PM

should have done that too.. stupid is down :-(

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