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ljm_ljm 29th June 2011 04:05 PM

My design L20D IRS2092+IRFI4020H 200W8R
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This is me a new design of the AMP. He had since the IR company demo version IRAUDAMP7S-200.

It USES the IRS2092 driver IC, and the IRFI4020H special mosfet output

Its power can do 200 W 8 R (+ 65 V). So I call it the L 20 D.

This version after four times improved. Scrap a lot of PCB to attain my design requirements.

In the test of the wave and test performance he almost and IRAUDAMP7 is same.

And before the same circuit design out, but often appear waveform distortion phenomenon.

I'm glad someone can like this design. It is very small, very beautiful. And a good voice, power is big enough.

Ipanema 29th June 2011 04:29 PM

Any advantage of using through holes components rather than SMDs in IRAUDAMP7 board?

ljm_ljm 29th June 2011 05:04 PM

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Originally Posted by Ipanema (
Any advantage of using through holes components rather than SMDs in IRAUDAMP7 board?

IRAUDAMP7 The board I make a lot of, can't denial for element has the more short of the wires.

I have had a taste of the design. But in the end the design became the test of failure. Products scrapped

Because this version of the same circuit, has had the unexpected oscillation, and can't work.

PWM can't even normal signal.

Maybe I will be studied for the test. To find out the cause of the problem.

The version I also is SMD according to IRAUDAMP7S to reference.

This is the version of the green products before failure. The IRAUDAMP7S position of the reference. SMD

Let me very sad products and failure.

ljm_ljm 29th June 2011 05:08 PM

But the blue L20D performance and IRAUDAMP7 basically consistent.

I'm very satisfied, basically no longer going to use SMD.

nigelwright7557 30th June 2011 02:12 PM

I could be wrong but it looks to me like a bit of carrier on the output.
This is normal unless you use loads of filtering on the output.
The speaker cant do anything with taht frequency so it isnt a problem.
My 2092 design has a lot more carrier on the output than you yet sounds fine.

ljm_ljm 30th June 2011 03:20 PM

Before that I also had a similar design IRS2092 + IRFI4019H design.
It USES the double-sided PCB. This design more simple,

In the case of relatively than, I prefer this one more.
Perhaps because of a single panel more trouble, design a little more difficult.

But the single panel PCB line of the generation between capacitance can more small some, in the test performance will be better.

Ipanema 2nd July 2011 06:58 AM

What's wrong with your L15D? It looks similar to L20D.

ljm_ljm 2nd July 2011 10:33 AM

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Originally Posted by Ipanema (
What's wrong with your L15D? It looks similar to L20D.

L15D I designed two kinds, one kind is straight into parts.

A is for the spare parts of the piece.

Straight into version without a problem, it's very good. L 20 D is in L 15 D straight into in the modified version.

And L15D SMD piece for the version failed. It appeared not normal and stable phenomenon.

This is the stable operating L 15 D.

It USES the IRS2092 IRFI4019. Work in +-about 50 V

Can output 125 150 W 8 R

ljm_ljm 2nd July 2011 10:36 AM

About inductor measurement
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In this. I want to test several commonly used in digital amplifier on the difference between the inductance brings.

I found in this more formal test domestic few. Most with the words to describe the sound science describe inductance in digital amplifier the difference on. I think not reliable.

Test I put the frequency of the power amplifier L20 D set for 480 K, this is most commonly used frequency of D, too much can cause serious low efficiency, low fever will affect the sound reductive degree.

The first test of like can be used for FM radio frequency and so on the red ring inductance T94-2. Because Tripath company was in their TA2022 demo version was used in the inductance, that a lot of people think that red digital amplifier inductance is on the special pronoun.

In the test the inductance of the performance

Can see. The output of the wave appeared after LPF of obvious oscillation, similar to the self-excited shape.

ljm_ljm 2nd July 2011 10:39 AM

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The second test of the inductance is TAH gave me, he used in high power professional digital amplifier above, iron silicon aluminium inductor.

This the inductance of the core is expensive. Import words want to a few yuan. Because it's their bulk, I only have put this in the back of the PCB soldering.

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