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planet10 3rd April 2011 06:36 PM

planet10-hifi miniOnken Plan-Set Subscriptions
Added 19-february-2018

Apologies ahead of time for the confusing nomenclature… Chris has no idea what he started when he coined the original “Fonken” name (now called Fonken-Prime), we had no idea that the tuning/approach would turn out to be so versatile & successful, there are literally into the 100s of box variations, with metric designators in front of prime-size and smaller boxes, all sorts of postFix designators afterwards which have specific meanings (ie T = Trapezoid, TT = Tall Trapezoid), and adjectives (ie CGR = Classic Golden Ratio, CFS = Compact FloorStander). Names try to minimic/mirror/take fun of the driver model or manufacturer name (ie Fonkens have Fostex, Mar-Kens use Mark Audio Alpairs, CHR-Kens (Kra-Ken) use CHR models, Mar-Kel uses an EL70, Kal-El uses a CHP — those last leveraging the similarity to names on Krypton, Plu-Ken a nod to Frank Zappa).


(last revised 27-february-2018)

Advanced & comprehensive miniOnken plan-sets for the Mark Audio & for the new Fostex FFxx5wk are/will be available for a subscription fee. Not all are as complete as i'd like (and even those that are will keep growing) and some have grown so fast they need reorganization (so please excuse that).

Available for the [CHR70 (all)/CHP70.2/CHBW70], Alpair 6.x, Alpair 7.x, [EL70/Pluvia Seven/CHP70.1], A10x, A12/12p, A12pw & Fostex FF85wk, FF105wk (which includes a set of mods to use FE103 SOL), FF125wk. Some FF165wk plans exist (same as A10p enclosures (with adjustments) so more can be quickly done) FF225wk under development (based on same enclosures as Alpair 12pw).

Rectanguar & trapezoid miniOnkens with vents on the side, simplier Classic Golden Ratio, and Compact Floorstanders are included in the plansets where appropriate. Custom designs done to cover client needs are also included. Other variations for wall mounting, more centres, and dedicated mid-tweeter use. And more. Included are details (where appropriate), cut-plan suggestions, tips, visualizations, and other information wher eit is useful.

Many enclosures have been standardized, with vent & driver details changing as needed. For example there are 6 widths of trapezoids (so far) with height changing to accomodate different volumes.

Plans are not a 1-shot deal, but a subscription. I am always adding to them, and doing updates for specific clients (ie if you have available material that is not a thickness i have already done drawings for, i will generate plans for that thickness, or if you need a variation of a box to fit a specific need). Plans are also updated as questions & suggestions come in. There is much work to do, but any specific client needs will be taken to the top of the queue.

CAD plans for specific pdf pages can be provided on request.

Plans will be revised as needed for when drivers are revised.

Plans based on Mark Audio drivers are $25 USD each for EL70/P7, CHR/CHP/CHBW, A6x, A7x, for A10x, for A12x. A subscription to the entire series is $80. A12pw not included.

Plans are $25 USD each for FF85wk, FF105wk, FF125wk, FF165wk ar ein place & FF225wk is under development and will be the same price, A subscription to the entire series will be $80.

Condensed plansets for the Monster miniOnken series of for Eminenence 12LTA, Audio Nirvana 10 Cast Frame & Neo, Diatone 810 II, Dayton PS180/220, Goodmans Axiom 201, and Tandband W8-1808 are $10 USD each.

Canadian clients add appropriate GST/HST.

Plans are included with the purchase of my matched/modified drivers.

Plan-sets for other drivers will be done as appropriate drivers (ones we like and think are good value) come along.

The 1st paid planset was going to be for the Fonken with FE127, but the discontinuation of the driver stalled that one. That planset, as far as it got, is available on request for free.


planet10 16th February 2012 05:38 PM

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Snap shots of some of the plan-set title sheets to give an idea of the content you get. These will quickly become out of date (no matter howmany times i update this post :D)

chrisb 17th February 2012 06:53 PM

I pity the fool
who tries to build even half of these designs

oops, I think I know that guy

wcwc 18th February 2012 02:46 AM


Originally Posted by chrisb (
who tries to build even half of these designs

oops, I think I know that guy

So Chris, how many have you built? ;)

doorman 18th February 2012 03:09 AM

Ask Chris how he finds time for his day job!!
BTW, buy these plans, folks. Dave's cabinet plans are a steal.
These enclosure/driver combinations are superior performers.

chrisb 18th February 2012 09:33 PM


Originally Posted by wcwc (
So Chris, how many have you built? ;)

lost count after 20 pairs of Fonken Prime and family for Fostex and MA drivers - not counting minis, micros and Frugel Horns - 2 pairs of the FH3 ongoing as this is typed

Bister 13th March 2012 08:45 PM

The plan set for EL70, does it include plans for the first generation CHP70? I have a couple of drivers in need of a onken-style box.


planet10 14th March 2012 07:17 AM

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The original CHP70 only has basic coverage, but i will adapt any design in the document for EL70 for the CHP at a subscriber's request.

Here is the currnt list of drawings in the document.


Ben cvt 4th June 2012 05:46 PM

Hi Dave,

If I subscribe to these plans, do I need to pay u copyright if I use you plan for comercial use?
I plan to sell some custom made speaker as my part time bussiness ...

Thank you

Ben cvt 4th June 2012 05:48 PM

Hi Dave

Will u design floor stand cabinet for ff125wk?


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