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DQ828 9th October 2010 01:48 PM

OB Project Design Started, Help Requested.
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My previous OB was a direct copy of Lukasz Frikas P17, which are the best sounding speakers I have ever heard, (not that I have a lot of experience) but they are NOT the best speakers I have ever seen, thatís an understatement.

My goals for the next design are:
1. Aesthetically pleasing, at least to me anyway.
2. Less bulky than the P17ís
3. Highly efficient.
4. Flat as possible 20Hz to 20KHz
5. Passive in the first instance, then possible converted to Active, should I ever figure out how to do that.
6. 3 way.

Proposed Speakers:

Tweeter: Raal 140-15d, I know this is a Tweeter-Mid, but I have faith in Lukasz speaker recommendations after the P17.

Mid: Either Saba 8Ē Green cone or Isophon Oval as in Lukasz P24, if I can find any that is, the Sabaís sound great, IMO

Bass: Well this is where it gets tricky, I donít want to use the 15Ē bass drives, because of my design & to reduce bulk, but I am having little luck finding smaller drivers (10Ē if necessary 12Ē) that are efficient, (95-98dB) & have a usable range to get me down to the 20Hz. The following are what I have found so far.

o BMS 12N630 - 12"- 600 W - 4.1Kg - 96 dB 1W/1M-25-300Hz
these pretty much meet the bill but as you will see, in
the design I MUCH prefer, the side pieces, obscures the speakers, which
I assume will have a very bad effect on the sound?
What do you think?

o Eminence DELTA LITE II 2510 - 10" WOOFER, the sensitivity is
good, 97.3dB but the frequency range is way off, 60Hz-4kHz, I have
read that by having the dual speakers in a U/H frame, can increase the
dB & lower the Hz, but getting to 20Hz I think I would need a miracle,
what do you think? And of course they are still slightly obscured by the

oAny ideas on suitable speakerís guys?

o Has anyone used the BMS speakers?

As you will see my baffle isnít flat, what do you think?

Crossover Frequencies:
o Bass: Probably somewhere between, 150 & 200 Hz
o Mid: Probably somewhere between, 4 & 5 kHz

The pictures may be decieving, as they are all the same height. the least preffered is wider, the only difference between the other two is bass drivers size, 10" & 12"

DQ828 9th October 2010 01:50 PM

More Pictures
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The top & back view of the wider speaker.

Helmuth 9th October 2010 04:37 PM

I ask my self how do you choose your woofer for a open baffle.

Speakers for open baffle prefer to have high qes and qts. value's around 0,5-1 and low Fs is a good indication.

A good high efficient woofer is a eminence kilomax. Or a beyma sn118.

Helmuth 9th October 2010 07:37 PM

18 sound nice one
15W500 - LF Ferrite Driver



Helmuth 9th October 2010 08:08 PM


Helmuth 9th October 2010 08:35 PM


This one is super. nice down to 40Hz.

cool modern driver with high Q. Great qaulity for PA OB driver.

12 inch

Helmuth 9th October 2010 08:53 PM

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And this one looks good to!

Helmuth 9th October 2010 09:07 PM

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This one is great I want it my self :cool:

xmax motor 1mm :eek: mechanical 18mm This is a shame it is use full with restrickted low end or low power 95dB.

simultation openbaffle 2phi.

Helmuth 9th October 2010 09:21 PM

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The selenium drivers have good Q for OB. Only poor Xmax for OB.

This one is better 3mm. shout do up to 100dB.

DQ828 9th October 2010 10:49 PM

Hi Helmut

Thanks for all of your input, much appreciated

I have read conflicting information on the Qts side of things, yes I have read lots where they highly recommend a high Qts, but Lukasz recommends a 0.35, which is what I believe the altec 15" 416 8B I'm using at the moment is & it sounds great. I had one eye on the Qts but couldmn't get all of the ducks to line up so to speak. dB, SPL & qts.

I will have a look at the drivers you recommend.

What do you think about the baffle shape & the obscuring of the speaker?

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