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udailey 23rd April 2010 11:22 PM

June 2010 Silonex Light Dependent Resistors
Hi Folks,
Baby on the way in May and finishing a MyRefC Group buy so this is set back a bit but I want to gage interest and get it started if interest is there.
What I am proposing is that anyone who wants
1: Matched sets of LDRs for the Lightspeed Attenuator
2: Unmatched LDRs to match your own or just to get the discount at quantity

Can sign up here

I will remove your email from the spreadsheet the same day you put it up. Hopefully that way we dont get tagged by spam bots.

What I would like to say to entice you to join this buy is that the LDRs can be used to create absolutely the best sounding attenuator/Pot that there is. No other passive preamp that I am aware of has beat them. They beat DACT, Goldpoint, TVC, Prometheus, etc hands down. Its an absolutely beautiful sound. I have had to many testimonials to count and every single one says that this has totally changed the way they listen to music. The crazy thing here is that I am honestly not hyping it up. It really is this good.

I will help EACH one of you build if thats what it takes, but let me assure you that this is an incredibly easy build. This is an OUTSTANDING beginners build. You will learn about impedance, voltage dividers, the importance of a quiet supply, soldering, hopefully not but maybe troubleshooting, how to use a DMM, and most importantly this project will give you a hunger for more DIY. It is the biggest increase in quality you can bring to your system short of upgrading from junk speakers to some of the better speakers on the market. Its remarkable. Well I am going on and on. I promise this. If it doesnt sound as good as I just said I will buy it back from you for what you paid me. I honestly dont expect any returns.

Now, GeorgeHiFi brought this circuit to us DIYers on this site. I have agreed with him to never sell a complete kit that resembles his Lightspeed. Please dont ask. It wont happen. However GeorgeHiFi encourages us all to build the Lightspeed and I can of course assist you with that. All you need are matched LDRs from me. The Mount and Balance board from me and then you must go get yourself a 100k dual log pot like this which is actually my personal preference for this circuit. Then you need a 5VDC power supply which is as easy as a battery to a LM7805 or as exotic as you want to get. I will also help you guys to build that.

Thats it. Seriously its that easy. If you want to match your own LDRs I recommend usually about 25LDRs. You will obviously have 21 left over to build whatever else you want with. I would suggest building an LDR based Input Selector with your extra LDRs if you buy unmatched LDRs to match yourself. I just finished the layout for an LDR based Input Selector and will offer it in the very near future. Well before this group buy is over for sure. So you might save them for that as there is no need to match them for the Input Selector.
If I get the boards for it before your shipment leaves my house I will also combine shipping for you if you happen to want an input selector.

Best regards and lets work together on this build. Its a lot of fun and one of the most rewarding projects you will complete.

udailey 23rd April 2010 11:25 PM

Its always good to include pricing isnt it? Slipped my mind.
Matched set of 4 is $30
Individual unmatched LDRs for you to match yourself $1.70 each. At that price I make 5 cents each.
Mount and Balance Board $5
Parts for M&B board $2 (5k balance pot, 4 resistors, 200R trimmer)
Shipping worldwide $4
Cant beat that deal.

triode4 25th May 2010 01:41 AM

I thought you were going to remove me from the list after you save the order. When are you going to send the invoice, or do I just send the money to your email?

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