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Kofi Annan 20th July 2008 12:58 AM

Kofi Annan in: "Givin' a Budget 'Table!"
You DIYAudioers may not be aware, but Kofi loves giving. Mostly, receiving is better on account of you get stuff for nothing except some knee-jerk "Thanks!" you say without thinking about it, but the giving... he loves that too.

So, Kofi's currently shopping for a turntable that would probably be in the $200 - $300 range to best fit the wallet (Kofi's not THAT into giving) and here are some considerations:

- Technics SL-1200 MkII (a little outside the range, even for used, but I've heard good things)

- Denon DP-40 / DP-2000 (They look cool, but I don't know how they sound)

- Used entry-level Rega

- Used / New entry-level Pro-ject

The receiver in this case just wants to play basic vinyl, but I thought I could stretch a little and get something that could be upgraded or up-traded later.

Need some advice. Got some? Please give.

Thanks (not the knee-jerk kind of "Thanks", the real kind).


fergs1 20th July 2008 02:44 PM

this is how it all begins:devilr: Why not buy an old lenco(a l78 or l75) and put a half decent cartridge in it and then you have got endless tweakability and the real ponential for ending up with a true high end deck. Check out and have a read. Hope your well Kofi and goodluck
cheers fergs

d to the g 20th July 2008 03:49 PM


You can easily find the 1200 in the ~$200 - 250 range. I could open craigslist here and take my pick from at least four. It's a decent turntable that makes some people go gaga. I had one for 10+ years and I felt that the Thoren TD160 was far more musical.

Finding a used Rega in that range is gonna be tough, but the Project might be doable. They're decent decks, but I think you can do better in that range.

How do you plan on supporting this turntable? Right now, I have hardwood floors and no plans on putting in a wall shelf. That means I must have a suspended turntable.

You'll want to save at least $50 in your budget for a cartridge. The Grado black and AT 120 are decent in that price range.

The golden mean 20th July 2008 04:11 PM

Check British magazine Hifi World, they love to rebuid or tweek turntables. The latest trend is to replace the arm of direct driven turntables as Technics SL-1200 mk II . :cool:
But they rebuild Thorens as well. Seems to be a more "down to earth" mag not only for the very rich.

roger antelope 20th July 2008 09:26 PM

hi there
Golden mean is correct but use this link:
and join the forum.
Lots of good DIY and source threads, including a look at DD and BT turntables with mods- some come down in favour of DD. OMG the brits are changing.....

kevinkr 22nd July 2008 04:30 AM

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Thorens TD-125 MKI or MKII, with very careful shopping these can sometimes be had within the requested budget with the Thorens (or no) arm. Others to consider would be the TD-150 or 160..

Nanook 22nd July 2008 06:02 AM

well, (in my best Cheshire cat smirk)...
I just bought a Roksan Xerxes (original series, 1985-91) for the wopping sum of $180, including shipping. It needed a little work, but so far have less than $200 into it. The arm that is to be installed onto it is $500, and a reasonable cartridge will cost $80-$100....

but a really "cheap version" might include a DIY tone arm, a decent turntable , and the required cartridge. If at all handy I am sure you can easily end up with something that actually plays music...

Technics SL1200 or similar (the 1100, 1300 series, etc) are bullet proof. Add a good cartridge to one of those , and you may very well be quite satisfied. Or find a used Systemdek, etc.

I know I lucked completely out with the Xerxes, but some deals can be still be had on the Internet. It is just if you are willing to take a chance on them that's all. I was with the Roksan, because the plinth, dust cover and bearing are worth more than the asking price of the turntable. As it turns out with a few hours work the turntable is working perfectly (speed is 33.2 rpm and 45.0 rpm --checked with a laser tachometer). As per usual with Roksan, the plinth has some "sag" but much less than the 2mm "threshold" that indicates a worn out or damaged top plinth.

Kofi, I'll hunt around to see if I can find something for you at a good price (but you may have to be willing to take a little risk to get a great table for the kind of $$ we're talking about here....).


Nanook 28th July 2008 07:58 AM

Kofi, have a look here...
link to Denon DP1200


Nanook 28th July 2008 09:46 AM

Kofi, also....
email me if you like. For the cost of shipping I'll give you a turntable. I completely missed the "reciever" end of the post. You're looking to acquire a turntable to give to someone else so that they can enjoy vinyl again....good on you.

I'd gladly send along something to do that ....

Kofi Annan 28th July 2008 04:57 PM

Wow, Nanook, that looks like a great table and you've made me a very generous offer. Thanks so much!

Unfortunately, it's now time for me to admit that I have already purchased a turntable. Mrs. Annan got into hurry-up mode and I had to make a quick decision. I opted for the convenient, albeit not so hi-fi Denon DP-300F.

It's not going to light the world on fire, but I got a new one for a song ($230US) and it prevents me from having to build a separate phono preamp for now. There was some question about whether he would appreciate a better used table, so I succumbed to pressure and got a new 'table that was in the price range required.

Thanks for all your assistance in this. I'm still pretty tempted to buy that Denon you referenced, however...


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