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audiomachines 12th January 2009 10:20 PM

@ engel

It would help a lot (the musician) if you could elevate the guitar amps
a bit ( it on top of the tour case, chair etc. and point the cabs at the head of the musician) that's what happens when the musician can't hear themselves, they'll compete for volume.

@ juancho esteba

you should have try the Martin WSX cabs with the PD1850, just like the L36 but a bit bigger. It is a 7 ft folded horn, while the L36 is around 4ft or 5ft maybe. Hence it throws farther than the L36.
Here is a trick that i do when using the subzero pull down the (-2dB)120Hz,(-3dB to -4dB)150Hz on your 1/3 octave eq this will reduce the "thud" sound. If you really wanna go really savvy with your equipment. You can place a dedicated eq for the lows (post eq) crossover low/(low sum mono if you electronic crossover has this function no use in running the subs in stereo) output => eq=>subwoofer amps. If you are using a loudspeaker management system such as dbx driverack or bbs omnidrive etc. then life would be much easier.

Best Regards,

boris arkin 13th January 2009 01:21 PM

Dear Audio machine,

Im a new member here, I just wnt to know what is the best amp to drive a truvox celestion speaker 15".


engel dela pena 13th January 2009 04:05 PM

sir audio,
last time i was testing my newly built w-bins with 1860, first time i try this low summed,(behringer 4 way x-over)the x-over low left from that day give me headache,sometimes functioning most of the times no low left out from x-over,what would be the possible problem this left op-amp inside left/low or just loose connect sometimes rotating this left frequency low left functioning(parang bumibitaw)

Juancho Esteba 13th January 2009 10:31 PM


Sir can you provide me a plan of this MARTIN WSX cab. Will TNT 18AK will perform very well on these cabs. What speaker available locally do you recommend then. Until now i'm still searchin for the best sound quality nf loudness at my own satisfaction.

I have this set up in one settings

1st setting
mixer- Beringher wnyx 1202
equalizer- Peavy 15eq
x over- DBX234XL
2 x CA16 to drive 8 18 incher speakers( 4 crowns1860 and 4 neusch pd 1850)
2 CA08 for crown 1545x 8 pcs per amps
1 sakura 735 for the highs ( 4 x500 watts b3tweeters

Now am currently testing this DBX 120A Subharmonics Synthesizer in an effort to have more boost and refinement on mySubs out put/(i appreciate your comments or inputs on this processor)

The 2nd setting

ORG mixer 8 iputs
compressor limiter- alto BK2
equalizer- Alto 15 band dual
x'over (2-3-4 way)

1 - CA16 driving - 4 neusch pd 1850 in AB36 cabs
1 - Ma 4800 Sound Standard driving 4 Crown 1860 in W bins
1 Sakura 735 - 8 x500 watts Daichi 12" for the mids)
1 Lexus M300- 8 x500 watts Daichi12" for the mids)
1 sakura 2302 - 4 x500 watts B3 tweeters

I have not tried combinining the two settings in one venue yet.

My personal rating ( scale1-10) on my sound system

Loudness - 7
Sound quality - 6

I will appreciate your Comments and sugestions for the improvement of my System. By the way I'm from Cagayan de Oro

boris arkin 14th January 2009 12:24 AM

Hi guys,

What would you suggest the best 18" speaker for my sub zero and what amplifier is suited to drive this?


Asmara14 14th January 2009 11:51 AM

hi robotech7,

I saw a lot of these Macrotech Crown Power Amps in the 2nd hand shops in Singapore.

Maybe not good why they throw away?


jayrjoe 14th January 2009 01:00 PM


hello bai,

where are you exactly from CDO? are you regular in divisoria night cafe?

all the best,

engel dela pena 14th January 2009 01:25 PM

did you check how much each macrotech?

Juancho Esteba 14th January 2009 11:21 PM


I am based here in Tablon at the back of Elementary school. I am not a regular in dv soria and have not been there. If you have time today or tomorrow you can see my set up at two different venues. Despite of the rain one of my setting was placed in the motorcross at the front of Netle currently held here in tablon for the barangay fiesta in honor of senor Sto. Nino and the other set is in the basketball court for the battle of the bands today (evening and tomorrow and Saturday Disco). Iwill appreciate your visit here if you are interested to see my settings. Actually I am new in this field and only late November last year that I bought additional audio equipments and some disco lights but there are still lot of equipments lacking nd we are still on the process of refinement through luck na lang bai kun matongnan ok kun dili adjust and i lack also understanding in audio principle . I am a Chemistry grduate trying to combine chemical reaction and music " timplatimpla lang style ko bai murag kape thus I really need you expertise

Please refer to this cell no 09261938230/09168304805 .They are not my number but they will lead you to my number .sorry bai ha at least my number will not be subjected to abuse, anyway i already ask their permission . Please ask my number to them(land line and cell).

robotech7 15th January 2009 03:00 AM


Before, any major/large sound company all you can see on thier towering amp racks are Crown Macrotech or Crest Audio Pro Series & now they upgrading, there's a lot of these amp you can see in a 2nd hand shop but the price is still expensive (high resale value)even if 2nd hand or to fix.
maybe that's the reason why & you can check the price online or on Ebay for new or used.


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