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AllenB 18th November 2019 09:17 PM

Is your meter adding 0.3 ohms to each resistor value?

Douglas Blake 18th November 2019 10:39 PM


Originally Posted by 8ntractor (
according to my multimeter all of my resistors and caps are bad even the brand new ones in the bag. so I have ordered a new multimeter. I am having trouble getting the REW files to import into holms everything was working fine then a couple of days ago they wont load and they crash the program I have removed redownloaded and reinstalled all of the programs but it is not working. It will import the older files weird.

Guessing you are using the resistance scales .... Touch your meter leads together, you will get some value of resistance that is the resistance of the leads themselves... from there you need to subtract that amount from each reading on low valued parts.

8ntractor 19th November 2019 03:23 AM

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i think the meter is bad it is only a couple of years old. but I opted foolishly for an amazon special and got what I deserve. 50.00 wasted. It is acting very strange the ohms go to 0 when a resistor or the leads are touched all caps are ol and the continuity beeps even when the leads are not touching. the stupid light still works yeah. I will have a meter on Thursday but have to get my eye peeled on Thursday so may be a few days off the speakers. got holms working again thank you all. i am getting a fairly flat raw FR but gated is terrible. this is 2 meters and off axis. as soon as I get the meter I will I will clean the PCB and check for shorts measure straight on.

AllenB 19th November 2019 05:15 AM

Now your measurement has something going on at 8kHz. You aren't having much luck with consistency. It may be affecting even your good looking measurements, not too certain about that.

I'm thinking there's something intermittent. Like you previously described. The Primaire again? Is your sound card able to drive a speaker directly, they can deal with headphones..

How do you feel about tracking this down. Do you want some suggestions?

8ntractor 19th November 2019 01:39 PM

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Hi Allen I would like to track the issues down. I do not know if any of this matters but here is some information.

It is still the Marantz 1060 but that is almost 50 years old. The measurements above are at 2 meters and off axis - I did measure these on the floor and off the milk crate - I also cleaned the room and moved a portable air conditioner I repaired out of the main area. I tightened the speakers into the cabinet. The speakers are on the floor and may be rocking? I put foam pads under them and got slightly different readings the foam pads are like a carpet pad so they still may be rocking slightly altho the measurements were taken at low volume. I attached the foam and no foam underneath the speaker charts and offset the reading so you can see the impact.

AllenB 19th November 2019 01:54 PM

It's almost at though the impulse creates a condition of instability in the amp and it rings at 8k after the impulse. It's more likely to be a response issue, but where. That's a place where things are happening on the plot so it's a little uncomfortable.

Ok. So take a measurement where this happens. Now, reduce the computer output level by 10 or 20dB and see whether that cures it. If not, put that volume back up and turn down the amp by 10 to 20dB. If that doesn't work, turn the amp right down, leave the computer turned up and see. If not, mute the output, if not, disconnect the mic.

Yes, those last ones by rights you shouldn't be getting any input, but if there's a little crosstalk and if it can reveal anything then it's worth a try.

8ntractor 19th November 2019 07:35 PM

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Hi Allen, I only had a few minutes to work on this and it may be difficult to work on this the rest of this week and part of next. the Mac is a digital out and is toslink so I do not have volume control on the output I only have volume control on the input.

there is some odd things happening first let me explain the chart. the blue line is a one meter measurement. the red line is the computer input turned down -9db the green line is the computer input turned up and the amp turned down the woofers never came on best I can tell there is a forth reading on a separate chart that shows the computer up and amp turned down I could not hear the sweep but this showed up on the screen. I have had several times where only the tweeter would measure. If you want to wait until I can rerun these that may be best as I was very hurried on these measurements

The last chart is the spl meter off and the preamp on mute and the spl meter off and the preamp on I am completely lost.

8ntractor 19th November 2019 08:14 PM

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the last message cut me off during the edit so the chart in the last message is with the spl meter off. here are the charts for the last message.

AllenB 20th November 2019 01:04 AM

I notice you have REW open. Is the generator turned on? Close REW and see if that helps because some apps want exclusive use of a jack and others may share it.

Also use REW to take the measurements and compare.

Thirdly, (or first if you read this far) check your windows mixer settings for sound card enhancements, like loudness control etc., disable all.

8ntractor 20th November 2019 02:43 PM

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Hi Allen - I think you may have found the issue. Bit perfect was running in the background of the mac. Attached is the chart with the raw data (green) the program generated gating (red) and the best looking gating (grey) Believe me I read every word you are sending most of the time several times - and I appreciate your help very much.
I am still using the mac and REW for measurements and transferring them.
I have not figured out how to get the windows computer to work with the single input output jack even with the usb thumb soundcard. If you think running directly into Holms is needed I can put windows on the mac.

thank you again


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