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Scottmoose 4th March 2011 10:44 PM

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With the Creative Sound Solutions FR125SR:

Scottmoose 4th March 2011 10:45 PM

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With the Creative Sound Solutions EL70:

chrisb 4th March 2011 10:55 PM


Originally Posted by hm (
oh chrisp,

oh, horsy , it's chrisb please :D T and Y are next to each other on the keyboard, P and B - not so much


i made measurement real, you can see distance, angle, watt, imp, what do you want?

Since the designs in question are horns with boundary loaded mouths, I was asking about room dimensions and most particularly enclosure location with respect to the walls.

Unless you have evidence to prove that doesn't matter?


i waiting for your measurements of the FHmk3 not simus.
fair enough - although I'll repeat what I've said before - I personally don't "do" measurements ( or particularly care so much), for now we're both at the mercy of others - perhaps not for long


my info is better as a few world sellers and i am a hobby man!!

Now see what I mean? That sounds not just a little arrogant - but I'll allow that since the clumsy grammar is likely an artifact of translation or learning of ESL, so might the perception of your intent. That's what we call a mea culpa.

The issue of the boundary between "DIY hobby" and commercial venture to which you frequently refer is a bit of a nebulous area; unless one is able to support themselves/family solely, I'd classify the enterprise, with which many of us entertain ourselves, as more of an ancillary than primary nature.


let us see the real measurement, please!

see above


I didnīt made my measurements, my carpenter made it and i must pay for it!!
so where is the problem?
I trust you're referring to the measurement on cabinet plans drawings, not speaker performance measurements? If so, that doesn't make a lot of sense - what plans did he have to work from, an Oktoberfest beer soaked cocktail napkin? sorry, that's sarcastic even for me. I won't yet voice my thoughts if that is not the case.


relevance of "sorry"- i can not compair it to FHmk3.
fair enough, but if you were interested in anything other than a public exercise in polemics, I'm sure you could arrange for an audition with your customer or any local builder of your designs and a FH3 (which can easily be built by an experienced carpenter in less than a day)

p.s. upon reading Scott's latest series of posts, let me confirm that he is both more than capable of both designing more elaborate speaker enclosures than the FH3 (some of which I've built) and continuing this pi$$ing contest as long as you like

sorry if that last part doesn't translate well
cheers for now

MJK 4th March 2011 11:59 PM

It is interesting how many similar sized and similar T/S property drivers can be used in the same FH Mk3 enclosure and produce a similar SPL response. I am seeing the same thing with my small Fostex horn design. Any differences in the low frequency response can be tweaked by moving the speaker closer or away from the corner. No BSC required. Also, the responses above 200 Hz are all so similar since they are essentially the driver and the nearby boundary reflections.


hm 5th March 2011 07:24 AM

Hi Scottmoose,
i didnīt compair, MJK? want it posts away,
does you answer will show us:
you never done a real measurement?
Whow what an interesting fact, that so many people
will show me that they donīt know something.
What i want to mention is coming out clearly, every one can think about it.
Good luck with such a work based on simus.

chrisb what you wrote sounds chrisp.

MilesCampbell 5th March 2011 09:07 AM

Hello All

May I make a few comments having read ALL of the FH thread and posts and most of the linked material over the last few weeks ..

1. The FH project is brilliant because of the shared and open information and so many AMAZING people contributing to the design.

2. The FH project is HUGE and could I dare suggest about reach critical mass but there are a number of missing pieces to the puzzle ....

- An FAQ
- A summary of the current build changes
- Lastly an easy link to the current build design
- An indication of how many FH3 are in build/Completed/rebuilt state

The tipping point I believe is this simple and stunning post -

3. The FH project is in beta but when will FH3 be ready to step out and be published on the FH website? Realising that there is so much effort and time required for this to happen how can we the wider *FH community* help with this?

The FH3 is my spring/summer build project and I would like to publish the details of the build and finished item on the FH3 Beta thread. So hopefully the details of my mistakes can prevent people making the same! First questions posted !!

Finally please understand that the responses given to someone appearing to rant through Google Translator are very useful indeed to the newer members of the FH community. This is due to the nature the detailed responses given, opening the design and the decisions behind it.


planet10 5th March 2011 09:53 AM


Originally Posted by MilesCampbell (
3. The FH project is in beta but when will FH3 be ready to step out and be published on the FH website? Realising that there is so much effort and time required for this to happen how can we the wider *FH community* help with this?

This is all me getting time to get documents tarted up, and the pages on the website built. It has really progressed out of beta.

As to how many built... i'm not sure. I've seen pictures of 3 or 4 and heard mention of a few others. A FH3 gallery thread would be a good idea -- no speaker too ugly :D

Someone could write a FAQ. Most of what would go in, just needs to be strained from this thread. I'd insist on final pass, but if this page was poached to use as a framework (and it wasn't passed thru a web editor that didn't turn it into trash) there wouldn't be much left to do.

And when you say tipping point, i think there is a down the road possibility of this a phase change. This happened with chip amps with BrianGT & Peter Daniel put together the 1st boards/parts kits. FH3 flat-paks are the key. Local supply in UK & Australia look to be coming together. I have US & Canada covered (but even thou it might cut into short term sales, would help out other cottage manufacturers to cover all corners more locally).

From there it isn't far from local flat-pak assemblers that can deliver speakers already built, with way less fat in shipping and multiple dealer/distrib markups.


jemraid 5th March 2011 10:48 AM

Among the threads on here that have the most lookers are the BIB and Needle, one must assume that a fair proportion of those people have built them, because they are easy to make.

If anyone cares to look at my Needle page [link below] they will see that I have the very minimum of tools. I will make a pair of FH3's I will get every panel cut square at my local DIY Shed to begin with and I will use a handsaw, an old powered jigsaw and some heavy engineering bricks to make them. I will photograph every stage and put up a page with the pics and some text so that other people can do the same.

I am going to do this because Colin [Toppsy] very kindly invited me round to have a listen to his, I preferred the CHP-70's to the Fostex drivers and those are the ones I shall buy. The sound from these cabinets is so easy it's a joy to listen to, after being at Colins for an hour or so I found that I'd stopped listening to them and was listening to the music as though they weren't there at all.

I think in my small way I have encouraged people to have a go at the Needles I hope to do that for the FH3's as well.

My warmest wishes to all who have worked so hard on this project.


DaveCan 5th March 2011 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by jemraid (

The sound from these cabinets is so easy it's a joy to listen to, after being at Colins for an hour or so I found that I'd stopped listening to them and was listening to the music as though they weren't there at all.


I love that experience when everything is just right and it's all about the involvement in the music.. A great endorsement to Colin's build, room, and all the efforts of those involved in the design of the FH3 :cool:

I think it's really interesting when you peruse all the different single driver horn designs out there, and you see some so complex and involved that they may scare some of us more inexperienced woodworkers away, and perhaps make us never bother to try and build something in the first place.. Then comes along easy although not perfect designs (what is perfect anyways) like the BIB and this new FH3, that allows many of us to experience the pride of achieving a relatively easy build that's not a usual box with a plastic tube, aka ported etc..

So here we have two fairly simple designs that are not just another sealed or ported box, will provide an excellent introduction to this style of cab design, and when set up correctly can achieve the experience that was described in the quote above by Jim..

Sounds good to me :)

jemraid 5th March 2011 03:09 PM

Hi all,

Here is my cutting drawing from an 8Ft x 4Ft sheet of 15mm;
An externally hosted image should be here but it no longer works. Please upload images instead of linking to them to prevent this.

It can be cut on one of those vertical cutting thingies in the Do It Yourself sheds.

6 pieces 140mm x 4Ft
2 pieces 750mm x 4Ft

I have left enough room to cut the angle between the sides to arrive at the correct dimensions. There is about 100mm of scrap at the right hand end enough to take up the saw width.

I will make the other cuts with a hand saw or powered jig saw and plane and sand them to the exact sizes.

Doesn't look too difficult :-)


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