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Scottmoose 5th May 2021 05:25 PM


Originally Posted by mhenschel (
I'm not trying to renegotiate the Hawksford decision here. I'm trying to understand your "one or the other" assertion. As the other Scott observed "it's all part of the same reality".

OK, I'll do my best to give you a short answer here. However, as a fellow member, I ask that you allow it to be the last on this subject on this particular thread. Please do feel free to start one elsewhere on the subject if you wish -as noted though it has been done to death many times over the years (decades), and no wire thread that I've seen here ever ends well. Still, there's always a first time... This thread however is specifically about Frugel Horn Mk3 and it should not be diverted any further from that purpose. I hope you agree that that is fair.

The question more or less summarises the basic point. I realise it might seem unreasonable, but this is not actually 'my' assertion. In fact, it's not an assertion -I should be sorry to assert. The thing about EM, electrodynamics, Maxwell (call it what you like) in this context is that it doesn't have room for alternate methodological interpretation or variation built into it. It's inflexible in that sense. When you use it, you use it, and you have to analyse and interpret the results using electrodynamics / EM / Maxwell, not something else. That's why it's one or the other, not both together.

Back to FH3 now guys. ;)

planet10 5th May 2021 06:51 PM

TC9 would go in FH-Lite. The current plans are in the link at


Lingwendil 5th May 2021 08:00 PM

Thanks :)

vitorio 5th May 2021 08:52 PM

FH Lite with Vifa TC9 are very nice loudspeakers, sweet sounding and non fatiguing.

Scottmoose 5th May 2021 09:30 PM

:) Thanks for the feedback, always good to know people are enjoying.

vitorio 5th May 2021 09:41 PM

Thank you Scott for so many good designs :D
FH Lite are really amazing speakers, BIG sound from a diminutive box. Tomorrow I'll measure mine and post graphics (there was an old post but pictures has gone)


Scottmoose 6th May 2021 09:39 AM

My pleasure, I'm just glad they give people good service. :)

Pictures are always welcome! If you can attach them to the forum rather than link, they'll never go away.

twocents 6th May 2021 10:35 AM


Originally Posted by vitorio (
FH Lite with Vifa TC9 are very nice loudspeakers, sweet sounding and non fatiguing.


77seriesIII 6th May 2021 11:00 AM

Hello Everyone,

Dave: I purchased one of your flatpack Mk3 kits many years ago where you kindly shipped it to my German military APO address. Kit was built and I loved them!!! then our 4 year old nephew visited from the US who is rather inquisitive...poked his finger through both Fostex enabled speakers. The only children we have are furry and come on 4 legs...wife took over and I took said 4-legged for a walk. :-) I just replaced 'holy' versions with MAOB-7s, waiting on the UPS man. these speakers with my 300B amp, EML 520 tube, on paper around 14wpc'ish. I can replace them with my JJ and get a normal 9wpc.

Now that the upgrade bug has struck, I think it is time to add a subwoofer. I have been looking at hypex designs. Troels' design specifically since it was the first I found. Is there a better recommendation?

The room I listen in is almost a cube. 5m x 5m and 3.5m tall. Old German farmhouse, stone'ish walls, wood wainscoting, wood floors, big windows...i envision some kind of room treatment eventually.

Suggestions ideas?

Warm regards,


planet10 6th May 2021 04:02 PM


Alpair 7 MAOP?

With FH3 you might look at the stealthWoofer approach, using a deflector behind the FH3 to both add bass and improve the FH3 horn mouth.

I have basic drawings but i have not found a new woofer that fits in them. I haven’t looked to hard yet. Could be from a couple 5s up to an 8”. Be nice if it was suitable for a short end-loaded ML-TL.

Turns out Chris took assembly pictures if you guys would like me to post them/


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