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chrisb 18th September 2017 01:00 AM

As Zia suggested, it's also possible to fabricate signal level I/Cs from two single strands of CAT5 sourced #24 solid - or even finer gauge- but you can run into issues with strain relief, as most RCA connectors are predicated on large diameter & shielded cable.

You can also run into problems of low frequency hum or RF interference with longer lengths of unshielded cabling - twisting or braiding of multiple strands won't completely mitigate those issues.

That said, if you do elect to try for fun, be sure to use the cheapest RCS plugs you can find - they'll have the lowest amount of metal on contact surfaces, and usually light plastic covers.

Chethana 2nd October 2017 07:40 AM

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Thanks Zman1 & Chrisb,

Was busy with finishing the exterior of my MK3 and super tweeter and hence the delay in try out of the CAT5 IC. The exterior has really taken a lot of effort and labor out of me. Instead of using Veneer I decided to clean my attic of Teak wood strips left over from my house construction. Had them cut and planed to about 7 mm thick strips. These were then stuck on the MDF cabinets, sanded, sealed, polished, sanded, sealed, pol... several times. The Tweeter is housed in a small teak block shaped quite nicely (also with the 5deg tilt) and also polished to a finish.
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After this I have tried out the CAT6 (23 AWG) IC.. with a pair of twisted pairs for each side. Have kept it short to avoid picking up noise. Sounds simply sublime - no disturbance.

zman01 2nd October 2017 08:18 AM


Looks like your hard work has paid dividends, and you have a very nice looking speaker there. Also happy to know that the sound is to your satisfaction. Enjoy the fruits of your labour! :)

jemraid 3rd April 2018 02:31 PM

Hello all,

I understand that Mark is ill with cancer does anyone know how he is at the moment?

I've had my FH3's now for about 7 years and still listen to them with amazement every time I buy a new CD.

I used to have a web site about my build and the gain clone that drives them and other web sites for the other pastimes I'm engaged in. I ditched the lot a few weeks ago and started to use Blogger, which can be made to look like a web site now, link below.

I hadn't visited the site for sometime and was amazed to see the thread about the Karlsonator and was very impressed with the MP3's people had posted. I even began to think about making a pair and then .... I came across an "FH3" made from foam board and its associated MP3. Well just hear the difference! So as you do I went off to listen to mine and was bathed in glorious sound. I'm still using Marks CHP-70's the 4 Ohm ones ... superb!


[edit] If anyone in the UK who lives not too far from M1Ju29 would like to have a listen then please contact me, I would be delighted to let you have a go! :-)

Rullknufs 6th May 2018 11:34 PM

Are there any plans for 19mm thick material?

planet10 6th May 2018 11:43 PM

No one has asked for thattill now. Close enuff to ” (19.05mm) for me to finally do those plans. Give me a bit of time. I can see some other revisions that need doing as well.


Rullknufs 6th May 2018 11:49 PM

It seems like 18mm thickness is hard to get here in Sweden. It's typically 16, 19, or 22mm. I still have a pair of spare EL70 drivers and I just joined a local makerspace community that has a woodworking workshop that I can use on Wednesday evenings for free. I'm thinking the frugel-horns might be a fun project for the summer. Build them in mdf because of price, availability and more forgiving to work with and then try to actually get a nice finish on them.

planet10 7th May 2018 12:27 AM

Update, I have looked at my CAD file and i already have both 12 & 19.05mm plans drawn, so i will just need to output them as pdfs, and integrate with th planet. There is other tidying to do, that may take more than just housekeeping. Stay tuned.

Existing plans have 15, 16, and 18mm as well as 15 with 18mm baffles (the last what we have used for our flat-paks).


planet10 7th May 2018 06:18 AM

Here is the updated planet. It has grown by 11 pages.

It is interesting that this design is now nearly 8 years since the 1st document release!!

I have estinmated that there ar elikely over 1,000 pairs (based on how many flat-paks we have sold), but there could be alot more.


zman01 7th May 2018 07:25 AM


Originally Posted by planet10 (
Here is the updated planet. It has grown by 11 pages.

It is interesting that this design is now nearly 8 years since the 1st document release!!


Thanks for your continued efforts in making the FH Mk3 plans more comprehensive and detailed. The diyAudio community will benefit from this.

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