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nbriles2000 6th February 2015 08:43 PM

I am currently in an apartment and they're currently in a 10' x 14' room in the corners of the short side.
I think my Maggie tube amp puts out around 15wpc (?) I only ever play material through tape or records essentially. Sometimes my roommate hooks up his iPod but whatever.
I generally don't listen at high volumes because its an apartment

I haven't ever really heard this type of music in a high five setting. I'm used to listening through a pair of Polk Monitor 7's. I also had some JBL L77's that I sold because I liked the Polks more.
I would assume I'm looking for something dynamic and energetic but I think I prefer a little darker tonality in general. I'm not sure if these things can coexist haha
Thanks for the help guys

mihail 7th February 2015 05:12 PM

Will be suitable - whether to MK3 for Fostex 108 EZ Sigma?

planet10 7th February 2015 08:11 PM

I've not heard FE108eS in FH3 but there is at least 1 out there. Reports, i believe, were positive.


sideways 8th February 2015 12:34 PM


I just roughed one together yesterday for my 108EZ's...I have to say quite positive!!

Don't expect a lot of bass but they do work very well :)

I've only had the drivers for a week...previous owner said they were not quite broken in yet...not sure how much they will smooth out over time...

The FH3 was a huge improvement over a TQWT that I had them in but was fashioned up for another was close to BIB dimensions that was designed for the 108EZ so I just ran them in there for a taste...not optimal but better than just an OB...

My wife even noticed how much better the FH3 brought out the vocals...and with Dave's help I got some stuffing going in there to make them even more so!!!

Maybe Dave has some more tweaks for them?? LOL!!

katariat 13th February 2015 01:45 PM

i had few newbie questions related to mk3. what is the size of the most acceptable driver, is it 5". will a 4" work too. what do i get by going to a higher size and whats the max size that is advisable? i was just exploring some vintage full range (electro-voice) speakers and found some 12" drivers on flebay.

planet10 13th February 2015 07:33 PM

there are 4" drivers that work & you can fit as large as 5 1/4" with the suggested supraBaffle.

Aize does not directly determine what will work, but Vas & Qt. But with the versatility the FH3 has shown that range is pretty wide.


katariat 18th February 2015 05:59 PM

Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. Another question, what are the implications of reducing the depth of the base from 17 inches to 12. The reason i ask is that it give me more flexibility in their room placement

planet10 18th February 2015 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by katariat (
... what are the implications of reducing the depth of the base from 17 inches to 12

They will no longer be Frugel-Horns -- you are on your own. Likely lessbass and more ripple.

An Irish firm has completely removed the final part of the mouth after the choke and it seems to work OK (at least according to the review)


chrisb 18th February 2015 07:03 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Not recommended - if floor space is at a premium, a smaller footprint design, such as Pensil or the compact floorstander "Ken" would perhaps be a better choice.

The A10P or 10.3 work very well in MLTL or the compact floorstander

Pictured below are FHXL, FH3 and A10P floorstander in side view.

As much as I love the placement flexibility and WAF of the smaller designs, there's no doubt that with the Alpair and other FR drivers in this size range that size does make a difference.

mihail 18th February 2015 08:29 PM

Good evening! Where it is possible to read about the theory of calculation FH?

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