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planet10 16th October 2014 06:35 PM

845 SE is certainly enuff power.


Ultralight 17th October 2014 03:39 PM

Thanks. Just curious. This one is a pretty nice Line Magnetic 518 at $4500 a pop in the USA. Highly regarded even at that price by their owners. A bit of an overkill but was wondering about whether 22 watts was sufficient. I don't remember but coule not find the specs for the Alpair 7 as to min/max watts.



Originally Posted by Scottmoose (
Difficult to say -not all 845 amps are created equal, any more than any other amps are. There's ultimately only one way of finding out if you like the combination. But I suspect it'll do nicely.

planet10 17th October 2014 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by Ultralight (
to min/max watts.

A more or less useless consideration. There are no tandards for this specification, and too much power is better than too little. I generally say minimum 10 w but people are happily using them with 2A3 SE,

As to valur mismatch, you can find $10k speakers on the high street that are not as good as FH3 with A7


jemraid 18th October 2014 09:46 AM

Hello UL,

I've listened to Toppsy's FH3's/A7 driven by an 6 watt 300B SE they are up there with the Lowthers of this world.

As for price Mr Sakura asks for c. $7,500 for his GainCard (2 amps 2 power supplies) anyone can build one for c. $75! It used to be that the trade were ahead of the DIY sector, now it's the other way round.

Cheers - Jim

GM 18th October 2014 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by Ultralight (
22 watts SET amps?

22 W SET?! Does it do double duty as a whole house heater?


GM 18th October 2014 03:50 PM


Originally Posted by Ultralight (
A bit of an overkill but was wondering about whether 22 watts was sufficient.

Depending on its output impedance it can easily be up to 4x in SS amp rating down low, so more than plenty to drive virtually all small drivers to destruction with low [mid] bass attacks and organ, etc. sustains, so tread lightly with the volume control when listening to wide BW and/or low compression sources, especially with or similar drivers that don't have standard rising rate suspensions as there's no audible warning between reaching Xmax and Xmech, i.e. where the VC bounces off the back-plate.

Fortunately, the times I've done it on several early pairs of different model Adire/MA/CSS drivers with this type suspension suffered no immediate or long term audible side effects that me and my friends could tell, but we don't have youthful hearing and no clue if the current ones are as 'bullet proof', so caveat emptor.


Scottmoose 18th October 2014 04:41 PM

You should see my mate Colin's 40w GM70 SETs. Those really could double as central heating. ;)

GM 18th October 2014 05:19 PM

I bet! If I ever get a scanner going again, I'll post a picture of a pre A/C era AM broadcasting station's [8] ~ 8 ft tall RCA 400 W racks with the overhead cooling fans/blower heating duct system.


Scottmoose 18th October 2014 09:03 PM

Crikey! :eek: Love to see that if you manage to get a scan! :)

Bare 19th October 2014 03:08 AM

Tube amps with little to No damping (most all of them ?) make full rangers seem to produce far more bass than when SS amp powered.
Seems the undamped cones get to resonate.. significantly.. generating all manner of harmonics .. which sounds like 'more' bass.
Making their owners happy.
Little to no intrinsic magic in it though.
As for power Wrecking a ~50/100$ driver.. it's annoying buy hardly life ending.
Not like it's a 604 :-)
As for geriatric hearing :-)
I dick about with my system and strain to identify differences.
Yet My son walks in and within 15 seconds Identifies the Bungle/inadequacy.. accurately.
This REALLY shouldn't be an Old Mans' game :-) as such's only self indulgent entertainment.

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