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diyiggy 21st February 2021 09:33 PM

Indeed, SMA cables... I zoomed ! And saw the packet is marked "Superbat"... your last cv-19 high RF provider...

andrea_mori 4th April 2021 02:54 PM

BOMs update
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A few minor updates of the Mouser BOMs for semi-finished boards:

- TWTMC-EXO 22.5792 MHz and 24.576 MHz, R24 and R25 were inverted in the previous BOMs
- TWTMC-DRIXO 12.288 MHz and 25MHz, C28-C38 better tuned values (in case the oscillators don't start with the values indicated in the previous BOMs)

jimk04 5th April 2021 07:38 AM

Can I ask about PSU. In particular for my TWTMC PPG.
We are often told in the psu section of the forum about keeping the load as close as possible to the psu output. With the products in this GB and with the recommended Hammond enclosures we are obviously being advised to put the oscillator and psu in separate boxes.
I assume this has something to do with EMI from the psu effecting the crystal? My PPG will be powered by Salas Ref D and so I am planning the build!

And just an observation whilst exploring cable options for the clock. I will be feeding into Ians Fifo with his dac and IV stacked on top. I doubt we have room for the SMA adaptor piece onto the small DIL adaptor PCBs if having the DAC ontop. So I shall use a U.fl here and have to be RG178 cable.


andrea_mori 5th April 2021 08:36 AM

The oscillators are almost a constant load for the psu, so you can place the power supply far from the oscillator without any problem.
The oscillator boards have their own bypass and decoupling on board.

We suggested to shield the oscillators in a box to avoid they catch any EMI/RFI from the ambient, not only from the PSU.
Moreover the aluminum case shields the oscillator from the air motion.

The PPG has u.fl output connnector so you can use it to connect Ian's FIFO.

cristianr 5th April 2021 03:58 PM

It is ok to put two oscilator boards on the same aluminium box?

andrea_mori 5th April 2021 04:22 PM

It would be better using separate cases to avoid any interference between the oscillators which operate at different frequencies.

eduard 5th April 2021 04:49 PM

Hello Andrea,
If i wanna use a Roon Nucleus to stream music and to listen to ripped CD on an external HD can you make a simple kind of block diagram of things needed to provide the DDDAC with a I2s signal. Not a complete wiring diagram but just the different elements to get a nice sound ( perhaps some extra gimmicks in brackets for improvement)
The element discussed in this thread being one of them ( for oscillastors i understand better have an extra copper/aluminium chassis)
greetings, eduard

andrea_mori 5th April 2021 05:32 PM

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I attach a picture I have already posted in a thread (I don't remember which thread).

I don't know if Roon Nucleus outputs I2S over HDMI, if so you can connect it to the FIFO Lite using the TWSAFB-RX receiver.
Otherwise I believe you have to use a USB to I2S converter or something else to convert the output to I2S format.

eduard 5th April 2021 06:59 PM

Hello Andrea,
This a copy and paste from a DDDAC thread post recently posted.
I spent many weeks conducting A-B testing to hear the differences between my WaveIO path with my very expensive Lumin streamer as a source and comparing it to my Pi3

Both paths were sent the same music in total sync using Roon. The outputs of both paths were switched by remote controlled relays and the music then went to Ian FiFoPi which went directly into the I2S of the DDDAC

There sound was totally the same and I listened for weeks with different music.

The streamer was sold and WaveIO removed

Thanks and greetings, Eduard

Markw4 10th April 2021 04:14 PM

Is there by chance somewhere I missed any drill template dimensions for the preparing the metal box end plates?

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