ZV4 has arrived.

Digikey part numbers

On the parts list, capacitor C3 is shown with a digikey part number of 4773 -ND. I believe the correct part number is P4785-ND for a .001uF 5% 100WV polyester cap.

Also, when entering part number P1246-ND for caps C5,C6,C7,C9,C11 digikey gives an error. I haven't had time to look it up yet.

Someone please double check my numbers ...
Digikey part numbers

Digkey has part number P1246-ND as obsolete/discontinued.
(caps C5,C6,C7,C9,C11)

Now I know why it gave an error when I tried to order it.

Panasonic/ECG part number is ECE-A1HFS221

Still don't have time to look up a equiv. part number !!

Again, someone please double check my findings...
ZV4 Balanced Channels: Couple of questions

1. ZV4 article does not mention anything about transistors being matched. Do they need to be matched? If yes, match Q1 and Q2 only?

2. Power output for ZV4 in balanced mode is pretty much similiar to Aleph 5. Would the construction cost for ZV4 and Aleph 5 be about the same? Might some of the experienced DIYers know already from the top of the head?

3. For each balanced channel (I understand it'll need 2 boards), is it just a matter of connecting the two V+ together and the Grounding together from the 2 boards? The 2 inputs on the 2 boards would be connected to the plus and minus of the XLR input?

4. Now for the power supply, assuming we're using 2 transformers for unbalanced channels, how many transformers are required for balanced channels (and how are the secondary wires connected)?

If I'm not mistaken, isn't this suppose to be the first amp kit from Pass Labs where pcbs, parts, heatsink, etc will be available as a kit? For now, I only see pcb for sale. A complete kit will be available in the near future? Nelson Pass has mentioned (last year?) that he's considering selling the Heatsink to the public .... which got some of us excited. I'm assuming it's for ZV4. Am I just totally mistaken?