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Hi Garry,

Thanks for the post!

Yes, I use a Zobel on all my amps, mostly 100nF and 10R in series from output to ground.
I do not recommend Zongles. I do not know the components inside, but I actually don't believe any components are needed on the Maya..... enough said!

I am working on a super sized enclosure for the larger Maya. Building good boxes in Australia is like extracting blood from rock, the skills and the high cost are enormous....

Are you enjoying your Maya?


Zongle and Zobel

Wow, wonder how they reverse engineered how to put a resistor in series with a capacitor? Or was it after years of independent research?
Otto Zobel was around 100 years ago, and yes it took considerable experimentation and development to achieve the Zongle's current performance.

It's like comparing a Model T Ford to a Tesla. Things progress.
Rather than trading insuts, ErgoM, how does your product work and how is it built? As a amp designer, I am interested to know how my product is connected to, and why.
In case you have patents, do you have references we can examine?
I keep an open mind on this, until I know the detail I will NOT criticise......

BTW, the Tesla does have its problems. Brilliant technology, but regardless of the Lithium battery there are easy ways to destroy a $USD42,500 85KwH battery bank. Read the warranty, then Google 'Tesla Brick' and you will know more detail.

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BTW, the Tesla does have its problems. Brilliant technology, but regardless of the Lithium battery there are easy ways to destroy a $USD42,500 85KwH battery bank. Read the warranty, then Google 'Tesla Brick' and you will know more detail.
This is fallacious. Whatever problems early Teslas had that resulted in 5 'bricks' appear long to have been resolved, or we would certainly be hearing about it still from the nay-sayers. All the references that came up when I googled Tesla brick were dated 2012 and 2013, before the Model S had been released.
I'm sure there are many in (and outside) the car industry who for various reasons would be delighted to see Tesla fail catastrophically but, more recently, the smiles (or were those smirks) have been fading fast from the faces of the upper echelon executives at Mercedes Benz, not to speak of General Motors, all of whom thought what Tesla was attempting was impossible. Like landing a rocket back down on its tail...
Neither of us are not in possession of all the information, good and bad; therefore our statements are opinion. Accordingly, I remain sceptical about the Tesla until I see complete proof to the contrary; OTOH I love the technical wizardry - the power drive software controller is almost space age and very creditworthy.

I would LOVE to buy an electric car, but they are still expensive and I'm tempted to have a IC under the hood as well to give me freedom of 'range anxiety'.


I don’t know what’s funnier. a self-proclaimed expert saying he doesn’t know how something works, therefore it doesn’t, or someone who takes aforementioned expert seriously.

If they work, they work. How do you know they work? You try them out, preferably with A/B testing. If you like the result, they work.

If you prefer building your own interfaces, based on Zobel networks or based on Dr.Seuss networks, go for it. Zongles work. I wouldn’t go back to listening to my hifi without them.
Unless I know how they are built, and whatever idea the designer has achieved, I will not criticise unless I have listened one. Could you elaborate for our benefit?

Ellipsis, your FIRST visit to the forum is to attack, and without specifically making it quite clear who you mean..... your opinion is from your experience, and I would ask what sort of amp and speaker are you using, and BTW, have you opened the Zongle and figured out the construction?

It might work well on some amps, not on others. There will be a reason for this. I'd like to know WHY. The comment about Dr Seuss is insulting, and the post seems rather condescending. ErgoMark has every right to put his point, particularly if he designed it; I did ask him to give more details and after four days he has declined. Therefore he loses any right to take him seriously since he clearly does not wish to discuss it. This will finishes the thread since he does not engage. You might have taken on the individual directly - both me and the OP - rather than taking anonymous moral criticism. Generally, the more a person knows about something the more sceptical and open mind he becomes - you disclose neither.

BTW, I am the moderator in this forum, which is ironic.........

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