Zip Zaapp Zzaaaap!!!!

Through the speakers... then off goes my 400 watt lamp from LumenLabs...

Its only about a month old...

It has cut off a few times before due to thermal issues... but I think that was the ballast... once I cooled the Ballast better no more cutoffs till today...

This one looks permanent.

I dont know if its the ballast or the bulb... I think its the bulb though because there was a slight electronic burning smell coming from inside the projector... the ballast is outside now... the thing had only been on for about 5 minutes before this happened.

Any suggestions?


2004-12-27 10:11 pm
Ah, the smell of burning insulator... brings back memories of high school electronics class LOL I'm joking, its a foul smell that is scary due to the fire hazzard.

Get a second person to check your wiring. Fix this stuff at the first hint something is wrong. No point in turning your house to charcoal.