Zen-worthy EQ?

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Perhaps the most loathed device among audiophile purists is the lowly graphic equalizer. They're typically designed with a horrid orgy of op amps and other ghastly integrated circuits. But, if a sufficiently simple circuit could be constructed with a minimum of active components, offering a little less boost/cut than the usual mid-fi 20dB, and following the principles of the Zen master, could it be accepted? Would it even be useful? Would it look anything like the design posted? Is the EQ doomed to the fate of the 8-Track? Or, could it experience a comeback? I ask you.

I'm finishing up the PCB artwork now. Why you ask? Because I simply must know! The coils are the real problem. I suppose they'll have to be hand wound. That might be prohibitive unless you could help me with a source.



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Nothing wrong with the idea of an equaliser. Probably best regarded one was Audio Palette from Cello. It was sold at $18,000. Introduced in 1985 was a state-of-the-art tone control system built without sonic compromise. The Audio Palette was (and still probably is) used by engineers at major record companies and mastering labs, and also by home listeners who refuse to compromise their music.

I was always entertaining the idea of audiophile equaliser.:blush:


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I'm sorry if I made you laughing. Those words were taken from Cello printed material and I was alway wondering how it's possible considering 48 amplifier sections inside. Nevetherless the reviews were very positive.

I've also read the story that a man entered the showroom downtown New York and at gun point requested the Audio Palette (true story). Must have been one desperate audiophile.:headshot:
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