ZEN vs GOLIATH (the giant guy)


2001-07-13 5:32 am
I'm curious, can a ZEN amplifier, only making about 10-20 watts of power drive one 15" sub? it's just that the sub can take up to 200 watts.. so how could 10-20 watts do the job.. also, if the amp can drive the sub, will it be loud and full of distorsion, or will it be of a pleasant volume, and clean & clear sounding?

After seeing the ZEN with light bulbs on it, i know what i want to build.. but also, would i be able to use six 60 watt tubular style light bulbs instead of the 300 watt light bulbs, or would i be better off with 300 watt bulbs?
You don't specify the impedance (or efficiency) of the sub; the Zen is happier with 8 ohm loads and highly efficient speakers. A Zen will drive the sub, but due to low power and a low damping factor, it may not be the best choice.
Keep in mind that the relationship between wattage and volume is logrithmic, not linear. Ten watts will get louder than you think, but possibly not as loud as you want.


Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
Keep in mind that the Zen, including Zen lite,
are happiest with very sensitive, 8 ohm or higher,
speakers. By sensitive, I mean like 98+ dB/watt.

If you don't have at least that, it simply won't play very
loud, and you'll find that the Zens published to date
aren't designed to sound good when pushed.