Zen Variations Part 2 Posted

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Ok, thanks Harry, I've just read it.
That makes sense, I just was a bit unsure and wanted some proof.
I think that value code do infact print wery well on small resistors, but I prefer the old convention with k and R for schematic diagrams. This seems easier to read (in terms of comprehension) for me.

Ah, Nelson is trying to be cute, again. I have never been a big fan of the way in which the + lines are not connected but T are in the aleph schematics, either. Thank god he went back to the connecting dots. I guess he has the right to entertain himself. Personally, I think that the 3 digit plus multiplier is silly and dangerous. Why introduce an unnecessary degree of confusion?
I can see a bunch of people going out to buy 1k and 4752 ohms instead of 100 and 47.5K resistors and blowing stuff up. I suppose one could argue that's natural selection at work.
Zen Again!

Wow! pretty amazing, as a past Aleph 3 owner, I was just about to build an Aleph 30 (just bought 100 IRFP240) but the Aleph Zen should be even better, judging by comments various people have made, including NP, more 'life' more 'real' I gues I should build both, as the Aleph circuit really apeals to me, its funny but from comparing the circuits I would judge the Aleph 30 to be the more capable from a sonic point of view, Ho-Hum!

Big thankyou to Nelson Pass the Saint of Solid State! the Master of MosFets!

I cant wait for the final articles and the 'Pukka' Circuit board, No really I cant wait, I'm going to build one in a couple of weeks time!

I upgraded my Zen yesterday.
Yes, I bought 1000 Ohm resistors, and used
4.75k (2 means 2 digits back and a k?) for R5 first...

It should probably be indicated that the current you actually get with the "feedback" is 3A.
I made R1 bigger to have 2A again, as I think my
heatsinks are too small for 3.

I use IRFP064N for Q1, IRFP140 for Q2,
and ZTX653 for Q3. These are easier to get
here. Anything wrong with this?

The result is as it is told: better bass, much cleaner, more power. More like a "real" amp.
Thank you. I can't wait for part 4.

One more time (it's not going to hurt).

the multiplier...multiplies: 5600 ohms or 5k6 would be 560X10^1=5601

39R0=3.901 or 39.00 ain't that fu**ed up?
0R220=0.2200 (or 0.02201) vide supra for comment
As you can see it's not a nomenclature of general applicability, not everybody can or cares to measure one thousand of an ohm.

So if Nelson was consistent he would have used 2502 for the 25k trimpot, or talk about an impedance of 4702 for the future Zen Part 4.
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