Zen V9 builder need help


2007-07-25 7:50 pm
I am building Zen V9 monos and first one is finished and working splendid.
Problem is that the other mono built the same way ( as far as I can see at least ) gets the same voltage both on Jfet suorce and drain ( slightly over 1V ) and the cascoded 240 has only 5 volt on the gate.
I can´t find out what´s wrong.
Help would be very much appreciated.


Nelson Pass

The one and only
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2001-03-29 12:38 am
The drive to the cascode Mosfet could be low. Check your resistor
values and the voltage on the Gate of that Mosfet. Also it could
be that your power supply or the Aleph current source is not
functioning, so you must check the voltages on the Drain and
Gate of the Mosfet there.