ZEN V.4 Parts


Sorry to bring this up again, but I am having an hard time to get ZVP3310's. So I will be using IRF9610. My questions are:

- Does the Zen V4 works with IRF9610 without any modifications?

- What changes shall I make to optimise it:

Quote from NP:

"If you lower the impedance of the feedback loop, you can even this up a bit."

How can this be done? (ie. parts values please)

Yesterday I tested one channel with the ZVP3310 and the other with the IRF9610. I was a bit sleepy but just could not hear any difference. Have you heard any difference or your opinion is based on measurements only? (I don't have a scope so just have to trust my ears).

Anyway I'll try to find the BS250 to give it a try.



PS: are you español?
Here is a picture of my Zen2/4 with the BS250, Nelsons special C12, R2, R3 (2 100k) and R10



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OK. I tried to solder that 1 x 1.2 mm mosfet but that tiny little little little (...) thing just refused to stick to the resistor and stuck to the iron. IRF9610 back again.

Mounted everything on the chassis and got it playing. I have to say that on my 87db speakers the sound was very nice from the two channels, no differences heard.

Now I have to worry about tempearture, as after around an hour those heatsinks were at 65ºC, which I think it is a little too much. Maybe I reduce the bias.
parts question

Hi. I'm building a BOZ/Zen4 amp. With the BOZ I had no problems finding parts, but for a Zen I can't find ZVP3310 (I can get IRF9610, but think BS250 is better for its Ciss=30pF). So I will try with a BS250, but I first want to hear from you guys what do you think about both of them, and do you have to change something in the circuit for BS250 to work well. If you must change things, could you specify what to change, with specific part names and values. Thank you in advance.