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Zen board for sale

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Since Zen projects seem to be popular I have a tested Zen amp board for sale. I used Holco resistors, Nichicon Muse coupling caps and Elna PS filtering caps (40,000uF per channel). Will include output devices and 300W Plitron transformer. $280.00 plus shipping.


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Nice job on the Zen PCB.
I've a empty chassis for both but I just brought a new house and I don't have a refrigerator yet. I can keep things warm using my amplifiers but I need something to keep things cold.

P.S. If things have not sold later I would be interested.
Hey HPotter-
I measured my chassis that I thought was big enough for your zen amp PCB and it won't fit (7.75"x6.5"). But I planning a super zen amp and I really was not should about how I was going to do it. And since you have a fully tested design how about selling me the schematics and parts list?
And I would be interest in you version of the BOZ preamp too.
Well the pictures you posted of your Zen and BOZ in this post and the post you traded your design of the BOZ preamp for transformers looks difference from the original Zen and BOZ design. And the pictures only interested me because the added components which I had planned to do but haven't found the time for. Their are added components correct, to the Zen and BOZ PCBs right? And those PCBs are not layed out as the original Zen and BOZ PCBs right?

Thank you for your time.
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