Zen AMP Question


2003-01-18 9:50 am
Because all Zen amps are classA they consume a lot of energy.
Efficiency is at best 50% with an Aleph current source found in Zen v2 article.
Go to www.passdiy.com/amps.htm and start reading at the bottom with "Zen Variations - Part 1: Zen-lightenment" and "Zen Variations - Part 2: The Penultimate Zen's Current Source", which will cover most of your questions.

/Hugo :)
The power transformer should source about 25 volts AC at 6 amps or so for each channel. While the actual DC draw is exactly 2 amps per channel, the power factor created by charging the power supply capacitors results in transformer dissipation greater than suggested by the 2 amps.
What exactly is difficult for you to understand?
25VAC*6A per channel so
25VAC*12A=300VA (or bigger of course).

You might easily be fooled to think that one 6A transformer would be enough. Well try it (not for too long though) but don´t touch the transformer. :hot: