Zen.4 in a 4 Ohm Load?

Thanks Kirk!

Thanks Kirk, just wondering if it was worth my time (have a ton of great 4 Ohm speakers kicking around).

Don't know if I should post this question or start another thread.

What are people talking about when they say Zen.4 balanced...from what I can tell (just the way it has been described as running 2 PCB's to get 100 watts), do they mean bridged?

Rino Odorico
Driving 4 ohm speaker on original Zen or Zen v2 is not a very good idea, but with Zen v4 (with Aleph current source), this is not problem in my opinion. Just look at this figure (as Nelson said:)

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I could not understand this: "Driving 4 ohm speaker on ... Zen v2
is not a very good idea..."

I think your Figures are copies from the article of ZV2.
With 4-ohm speaker, Fig. 8 shows distortion rate of 0.4 at 9W
and 0.9 at 30W. These really matter...?

ZV4-ZV2=2. I.e. ZV4 has two more. One is input buffer and
another is supply voltage regulator. But, they have the same
active current source (=Aleph current source). No...?