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Zen 1 and PLC


2002-09-27 3:30 pm
I have the following for sale.

Stuffed Zen 1 board arranged like a Zen 1 revisited, but without the bypass of filmcaps in the output, but these could be added. Bindingpost and RCA's will be included. I can also supply [email protected] caps, but they are only 35V which might be pushing it as the amplifier runs at around 34V. So you will only need a chassis and the PSU parts to get this up and working.

I have tested it and it worked good and sounded good too but they are not powerfull enough for my ineffecient speakers (84-86 dB). Though I still heard the potentiel in the top and midrange and are in the building process of a Aleph-X.

Please make me an offer for the Zen.

I also have a PLC ( Siemens Logo 24RCL) and a PSU for this for sale. I bought this to make some sort of control for my amps, but have decided to keep everything more simple. Please make me an offer.

Thanks Martin