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Zeiss Vistek Vibration Isolation Platform available

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Greetings from St. Louis,

I have available for sale a new old stock Vistek Vibration Isolation platform specified for a Zeiss AxioImager microscope. This is a rather heavy microscope and so the platform would be able to isolate a rather heavy Turntable outfit.

The brackets that the isolators attach to are held to the main platform with machine screws so that if your table just would not fit you could make one that would and attach these feet easily and professionally.

If you are looking for something like this go to Vibration Isolation, microscope, Vistek Inc, Active Isolation, Passive Isolation and look at what they have. This is the real deal designed to allow movies(of cells in liquid) to be taken under 1000x magnification in research lab buildings that vibrate(say from elevators). There is nothing whatever subjective about how they work. Its all measured and specified.

Here is a picture of it. It is in its original factory carton with fitted foam insert. You can see that the ears which the isolators attach to are attached to the plate with two precision screws. You could make a plate to fit or have Vistek do it.
The finish on this stuff I would call titanium anodize. It is not titanium but the color resembles it.

I have not gotten the opportunity to get the exact weight specs on this unit but will shortly and add them to this post.

These are not inexpensive items, listing for two to four thousand dollars each.
Vistek claims they are better than active systems. I am skeptical of this claim but they are certainly excellent, or Zeiss would not carry them (Zeiss also had active systems) I am not trying to get anything like list price for them, but they won't be $200 either. If you have any interest in an item like this, send me a Private Message.
The weight range of the unit which is a VIB3000-Z-003

is 48 to 72 lbs. The steel plate weighs about ten lbs so if you substituted something lighter you could get ten pounds more range.

The distance between the centers of the two at the ends of the T is 15 and 3/16 inch or about 38.5 cm

The length available from the boundary of the front isolator to the back edge of the plate is about 13 and 3/4 inch allowing about one quarter inch or so so as not to touch the isolator.

I think I would like to have about $800 for this item. That is about one third of the list price. It appears to be unused and is in its original factory packaging.

The shipping weight is about 25lbs.
The picture at Spectraservices (whom I just today shipped a huge box of microscope components too) is a stock photo. I can send you or post a picture of the actual unit. I assure you it is T shaped.

Furthermore the individual isolation components have part numbers like
VIB 300-1826 that means the range of weight that it works on is 18 to 26 lbs.
There are two of those and one -2230 . If you do the arithmetic and subract ten pounds for the steel support plate you get 48 to 72 lbs. I was walked through this by a tech support guy at Vistek.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.