ZECK CA1600 amplifier - need help to repair the am


2014-06-21 5:50 pm
Dear Sir,

I am in Sri Lanka. My name is Rohan. Recently I received Zeck CA1600 amplifier from one of my customer for repair purpose. He has given it to some other repair shop and they were unable to repair the amp. after that the owner brought the amp to me.

When I open the amp and observed, both CR153 diodes are missing from the both sides. I downloaded the CA1600 schematic but it has only written CR153 . theres no zener value.

could you please tell me whether I have to put 18V zenner or 4.3 Zenner. Or what is the correct zenner voltage . I downloaded Zeck A1205 schematic also. it mention 18v zenner. but on some other models of schematic mention 4.3v zenner .

so for CA1600 what is the correct zenner voltage?

Dear Sir, your valuable advice will be highly appreciated from our end.

please reply to shehanthapere@gmail.com in ENGLISH

schematic can be found here - http://www.sam-support.de/downloads/schaltplaene/CA1600_CAP1800_AP1800.pdf

on page 8 you can see the zenner diode cr153

Rohan - from sri Lanka
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