Z-680 Sub Malfunction HELP PLZ!!!


I own a Logitech Z-680 Surround System and two of the terminals in the back to the sub dont work anymore. They are spring-loaded terminals, the red/black audio cables are used. First the left rear speaker terminal stoped working so I put that wire into the right rear terminal and it worked just fine. Now the rigth front terminal stoped working and I dont want to have two left sounds coming out of the speakers, is there any way to fix this, please help.

thank you
wow I didnt think anyone else would have that problem because I hava a friend that had the exact same problem prepare for a story......

I owned the Z680 and then came the Z5500 so I sold my Z680 to a freind, he used at normal and heavt levels all the time but then the left rear speaker terminal stoppped working but the actula speaker still worked so he just left it. he took it back jay tech thats where I got it from and they said recipt NOW but he didnt have I did so he came to my looked for and couldnt so he had to take to a repair shop of some sort and they Quoted "$230 but he bought it off me for $350 so he wasnt going to pay that much for such a simple problem so he left it for about 5 months. then he found this other place so he took it there and they said $180 still to much so he took it back home but when he got home it didnt work at all the fuse was blown and they admmidded they had blown it but they said "it would have happened anyway so we left it" Bloody hell some repair men are F**Ks so I went and bought more fuses for it the exact rights ones, we pulled old one out, stuck a fresh one in and......sissle bang flma eans smoke poured out the back. now all of it was stuffed. both of us being curios what was inside the sub so we opened it and cut the wires and stuck on a cd amp its working till this day but you can tell the difference. well any way I recnetly found my receipt and gave it to him to bad because we had already ript apart the wire and box.

Right now he has got all the speakers, pod and sub(wrecked) still just sitting around in there box

Got any suggestion what to do with them?

he wanted to sell as spares to people who need them.....